Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mrs Crimble’s Boosts Breast Cancer Campaign

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Mrs Crimble’s Boosts Breast Cancer Campaign
The much loved bakery brand is now set to raise £37,000 for the charity

Breast Cancer Campaign Large Choc Macaroons, £1.49 (5p will be donated to BCC throughout Breast Cancer Campaign Month in October

I love this feature as I had already posted about this marvellous campaign back in February

I am really happy to see theMrs Crimble's thermometer rising for the Breast Cancer Campaign and its not  a hard task to help them achieve this goal.
They have added a bigger pledge and another great macaroon, the lush Choc Macaroon to help achieve the goal.

Both varieties are wheat and gluten free, but as I have said before, these are the best tasting gluten free products I've eaten, soft moist very flavourful, a person would be hard pushed to notice they are a treat for allergy sufferers. In fact I used to name gluten free products taste free, but have rapidly changed my mind since trying these. The cranberry Macaroons were revamped last year and our whole family loved them, full of plump fruit, soft chewy macaroons all make for a real treat.

The Choc Macaroons are exceptional, I wrote about them a while back.

So all this goodness and Mrs Crimble's go that bit further to help out a good cause. Next time you are shopping, take a look and pick up a pack, it will do you good too!

Mrs Crimble’s, the much loved bakery brand, who were already set to raise at least £25,000 for Breast Cancer Campaign by donating 10p from every sale of its Cranberry Macaroons to the charity, have now pledged to raise an extra £12,000 by adding their much-loved Choc Macaroons to the cause.  A donation of 5p from the sale of the Choc Macaroons will be given to the charity for the duration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.Everyone from Mrs Crimble’s head honcho, Jeremy Woods, to their designer have been busy organising several other fundraising ventures after the team discovered that their colleague Clare Collins had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  To give their fundraising an extra boost they have done everything from an epic 40-mile bike ride to taking their vintage Morris Minor around London handing out macaroons in exchange for donations.

Breast Cancer Campaign - be part of the cure 

The battle against breast cancer is being won but there is still more work to do.  While treatment and survival rates are improving, each year in the UK 12,000 women still die from the disease.  Every year, more than 48,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed – that’s 130 a day.

Research is vital in finding a cure for breast cancer, which is why Mrs Crimble’s is doing all it can to help Breast Cancer Campaign fund vital research into the disease.

We have been using Mrs Crimble’s oven thermometer to show exactly how much we have raised for Breast Cancer Campaign on our Facebook page.  All you need to do to show your support is treat yourself to a pack of scrumptious Mrs Crimble’s Cranberry or Choc Macaroons and pop the kettle on!
Breast Cancer Campaign Large Cranberry Macaroons, £1.49


  1. Well done for supporting such a good cause X Jane Davies

  2. A super cause. I'd like to try the cranberry Crimbles.