Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Matalan September Style Project

I was very excited when Matalan approached me recently and asked me to take part in their Matalan Style Project. Each month it sets four UK fashion bloggers out on a mission to create an entire outfit with Matalan clothes, focused on a specific theme.
The theme for this month was ‘English Heritage’, which fits perfectly with the onset of these cold autumn months. 
I had great fun choosing an outfit which summed up the theme. It has caused great comments from friends, "To the Manor Born" new nickname from my friend Nicola, is Jo Holmes, as in Sherlock  quite cheeky but I love her, so she gets away with it. 

I am not what one expects in the fashion blogger world, having just moved house and caring for Granny meant I could not get out to find a nice autumnal backdrop. Also having to unpack boxes, chop a tree, feed a family and make Granny comfy, meant I dashed into the garden with my chosen outfit for a quick photo shoot, hair designed by me, its more Jo Buffoon than Vidal Sassoon.
Now what you need to know in all good styling projects are the clothes I chose in more detail.

I went for the wine skinny jeans, a snip at £16 a stone cami vest £3, I intend to pick up a few of these, it washes well,fits really nicely.
These wear really well as an outfit, but for these decidedly crisp autumn mornings, I topped my ensemble off
with a Grey Checked Toggle Wrap, £10, this will be a key piece to my wardrobe this year, I love the shape and softness, though named as grey this is more brown shades so suited my look well.
Some lovely on trend Lace Up Brogues these are really comfy, have a lovely ribbon detail for the laces and are £14.
I added a chunky cable knit scarf  £8 in wine to coordinate the whole look, what do you think?
Now if you like my look ,good, I would love a vote on the Matalan September Style Project
You never know, I may go on to win the the coveted title of Matalan Style Project Winner this month!
Vote for me here with a comment such as Jo from Given To Distracting Others

Update: I won, thanks for all the likes

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (an outfit from Matalan) for review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. Oh lovely, you look great. Have voted for you!xx

  2. A lovely ensemble - very stylish!

  3. I have voted for you because I think you ARE the best out of the four.

  4. hi Jo - I like your choice and voted for you - a well put together outfit

  5. You have my vote, i love the toggle wrap looks so comfy

  6. Gorgeous outfit, I love matalan!

    1. Thank you, I was in at the weekend buying more winter bits a gorgeous card and long sleeved tops by Falmers.

  7. Well done on winning!