Tuesday, 11 September 2012


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As purveyors of fresh handmade cosmetics we always strive to use the best quality ingredients that we can get our hands on. Vanilla is no different. Agnes, our top notch Creative Buyer, has found high quality gourmet FAIRTRADE Vanilla beans nestled on the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains, Uganda.
Favoured by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-­ Fairtrade beans to be brought to the UK by Ndali. Our next step was to transform these delicious beans into an absolute, something that has never been done before. Through a lot of hard work Agnes brought the beans to France where they were skillfully transformed into Vanilla absolute, to be used exclusively in our Vanillary fragrance.

To tell us more about the project Agnes talked with Lulu who manages the Ndali estate.
Vanilla has been grown at the Ndali estate since the end of the 90’s.It was the perfect crop to re-­invigorate the ailing estate and, more importantly, to provide a valuable income to local farmers. In 2005 the beans farmers formed a co-­op that now sells 20-­ 25% of their crop at a Fairtrade premium.
In a region with low literacy and treacherous terrain the challenges of establishing just such an organization have obviously been great;; with a pharmacy built, a school roofed, maize milling machinery bought and bee-­keeping projects funded, vanilla beans can be clearly seen.

It’s a testament to the farmers and the Ndali estate that they have been able to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and produce some of the best vanilla we can get our hands on. We are delighted to be using this exclusively in the Vanillary atomiser and spritzer fragrance, which has made that creamy vanilla goodness just that one step yummier!

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  1. I love LUSH - think their products are LUSH!!!!! (That was a word from my childhood!) When you go in their shops the smells are divine!!! We have a huge LUSH store in the Metro Centre and I am always in there, especially before Christmas, to buy gift sets and the kids favourite bath bombs!

  2. Lush are amazing, I love their stuff ! I went to the one in Cardiff and bought a bath bomb which I thought was pushed on me a bit (the sales person was going on and on about how relaxing it would be, I was like ok whatever mate) but he was right ! I was like a zombie coming out of the bath ! I was so relaxed it was just to much effort to move lol xxx

  3. i love lush, you can smell the shop from miles away