Monday, 27 August 2012

World Coffee Club Review

Hi Jo

This is just a quick message to let you know we just posted this months coffee tasting pack.....

15 hours later a a satisfying thud on the doormat and my pack had arrived. The aroma of good coffee wafted as I picked up the pack. This is Augusts selection from the World Coffee Club, a new service and this being its second month and my chance to review August's offering.
See the July subscription review over at   Rhoda Reviews

The service is very simple  World Coffee Club provide monthly subscriptions of a 'coffee tasting pack' that contains three new coffees from different roasters every month. The service is a great way to experience exciting & unique coffees and discover new favourites all the time.

Chris has been patiently waiting for this review, he is the coffee fanatic, I love a cup or too, but he has a passion for tasting new blends and varieties. 

With our frantically busy month, the coffee is a welcome treat as we head into the bank holiday and the promise of a relaxing few mornings away from our house renovating and moving.

August 2012 Coffee Tasting Pack

The sleek black envelope contained three pouches of coffee.

I was asked to choose how to have our coffee ground, our choice would usually have been whole bean, Chris has his own electric grinder, a Christmas gift from me one year. However as we are packing up non essentials (apparently saying the grinder was a non essential is fighting talk) we opted for cafetiere blend, the other three choices are Filter, Espresso and as mentioned  Whole Bean.

Which to dip into seemed the only dilemma we had and that is a wonderful place to be.

I had my eye on the Columbian Supremo described as  a great all-rounder of a coffee, good for drinking at any time (perhaps the best of the three to have in the morning) and great with food. 
This was to be saved for Sunday morning, see further down for our thoughts!

All coffees were roasted the week before we received, so the freshness really came through with each of them. 

Costa Rica Sunset

Our first tasting was the Costa Rica Tarrazu from Coffee Magic (each coffee in the subscription can be purchased from the sites if they become a new favourite) The blend is Fairtrade, which gives it a thumbs up from me before the pouch is opened. 

While brewing the aroma is a nutty, toffee affair. the taste is the same, I found the nutty taste a tad too evident for my nut free taste buds, Chris adored it for those same reasons.  He said it reminded him of Amaretto. He felt its milder than expected, a medium body. This would make a great coffee for serving with dessert.

The second sampling was the Nicaraguan Organic from Coffee Plant, again a Fairtrade and organic coffee it has a very deep flavour , strong and very punchy! It's not mellow in fact it has a bitter kick, in a good way bitter though. I loved the after taste, it just stays with you. I would buy this again for a meal for guests.
Colombian Supremo, was my Saturday and then Sunday saviour,  this was lighter than the other two, more mellow, there is a creaminess to the coffee and the one we just had to have another pot of, its a lazy morning blend and we were delighted to see its available from Hands On Coffee in our beloved Cornwall!  We actually tried their blends this year while on holiday, the Colombian Supremo is a 'Ltd Release'!

So my top coffee was the latter while Chris loved the Tarrazu.

As many of my readers know, we are having a pretty full on family drama and the coffee has been a sanctuary of calm moments. I love the idea of coffee through the post, it would make a great Christmas present and a gift to any coffee enthusiast. Chris is hinting already he would like to see what Septembers might be. Hmmm  his birthday conveniently coming the same month??


  1. I have been looking for something like this for the coffee drinker in my house. I like that you get it so quick and there are so many options.

    1. It was so fast, I received my coffee as a regular customer. Its a fab smell for the hallway too.

  2. Thank you for the review. Definitely a future pressie for hubby.

    1. Its a fab idea for a coffee drinker!

    2. Just had a look at the subscription cost. Varies from £11 to £14 a month depending on how long you take it out for. You get only 300g of coffee each month. But good ground coffee in the shops is on average £4.50 for 300g. It might be worth it for some but not for me, sadly.

  3. Thanks for the link up Jo. Great to hear your thoughts on the August selection. I was really impressed with World Coffee Club - I'll also be dropping hints for my birthday! haha. xx

  4. i have become a coffee lover in recent years and am always looking for new coffees to try, i am hoping to get a coffee machine for christmas this year so that i can make some delicious coffee at home .

    1. Its a great way to try them and get new faves. Love our coffee machine.

  5. I'm not really a major coffee drinker, but this is proper coffee,

    I got some Kenco de-caff a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely compared to the Pound-shop Red Mountain at £1 a jar.

  6. It is proper coffee and I love the morning Colombian Supremo.

  7. like the fact that its fairtrade