Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tesco Cookie Range Review

Tesco Bakery - Cookies

I am a Bzz agent and was sent vouchers to try the re-launched Tesco cookies range. I just visited  my local Tesco Extra and these are already popular as most of the range was sold out at 2pm in the afternoon.
I opted for the Oat and Raisin, my second favourite, my first would be the milk chocolate with Belgian choc chunks but was sadly missing. My friend was with me and I spoke to her about the range and gave her a voucher for 50p, she decided to hold out for the Belgian ones.

£1.50 is for four, not a bad price for what are really big cookies. I do tend to buy cookies for around the £1 mark, not sure if the price will put off new custom, but  the size may attract people.They are on a par in size and look of a cookie in some of my favourite coffee shops! 

The Oat and Raisin reviews in our house were mixed, For me I was disappointed by the addition of cinnamon,  I wish it had stated it on the label, its not a mere hint, its full on and a main flavour of each cookie! s I do not like the flavour and it was very intense, same for my daughter, this is her fave cookie and she handed it over after two bites. But for the spice I know I would have been in heaven as the raisins were large and plump, the oaty taste very evident.

My husband who adores cinnamon was in bliss, he absolutely adored them, he said the depth of flavour was so intense and added to his enjoyment.
We all agreed the texture was much better, they are chewy but not soft, crunchy but not too crisp and definitely bigger than before.

So I will be stalking the bakery aisle in the hope of getting my Belgian chocolate fix next time.

The new range consists of

Triple Chocolate – loaded with Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate pieces
Milk Belgian Chocolate – oodles of Belgian milk chocolate chunks
Dark Belgian Chocolate – packed with pieces of dark Belgian chocolate
Cranberry & White Chocolate – crammed with tangy fruit and creamy chocolate
Oat & Raisin – lightly spiced and full of juicy raisins
Fruit, Chocolate & Nut – a yummy combination of plump raisins, milk choc chunks and hazelnuts

Tesco have improved and re-launched their cookies range. Crispy on the outside, with a soft, chewy middle, each cookie is made with 100% butter giving them a delicious smell and an incredibly more-ish taste.
Tesco have been on a mission to revamp all the Bakeries in  local Tesco stores.
Alongside the cookies there are new speciality breads, rolls, pastries and sweet treats waiting to be popped into a bag and taken home to enjoy with a nice cuppa or milky coffee.
Favourite new ranges (apart from the cookies of course) are the breadsticks and pretzels, which are ideal for lunch.


  1. I'd like to try the Fruit, Chocolate & Nut one.

  2. The Cranberry & White Chocolate are really nice and the ones with the cinnamon in where even better, but I love all biscuits.

  3. I've tried them as well, and thought that were o.k, but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

  4. I wouldnt mind trying the Cranberry & White Chocolate but they do seem over priced

  5. I never liked the old range so looking forward to trying these. Hope they aren't loose, though, because I don't like the exposed bakery products that you have to heat up to avoid getting flu or cold from other customers germs. :p