Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sharwood’s Wrap Kits Review

Sharwoods have a brand new launch and invited me to review the new Sharwood's Wrap Kits, I am a fan of wraps, we eat them for lunch's, and as many of you know I love spicy food. So we often make fajitas.
This new range brings an Asian taste instead and it was not long before I started to make some. 

I tried the Balti Wrap Kit, all I needed to buy was chicken breast, onion and a red pepper, the Wrap Kits contain eight soft chapatti wraps along with a spice blend sachet and one containing an Indian Salsa

The method is simple,I just fried the chicken breast until cooked, added the onion and pepper. Then I added the spice. The aroma was really good and what I loved was the simplicity of making an Indian meal fast!

Once cooked, it was just a case of heating the chapattis (I used the microwave method as we were hungry and cooking time was one minute), then assembling the wraps. I added a pot of sour cream to complement the filling.

Sorry about the blurred picture, the sight and smell of the wrap was driving me insane, I gave up trying to take photos after this one, I just wanted  to tuck in, a common cry in this house is " Hurry up with the camera, we just want to eat!" and Chris was hassling me for this meal.

The spice blend was delicious, the wraps good, I think I would use the oven method to heat next time as they are wrapped in foil and would be even softer and retain heat!

A big thumbs up from all of us.
There are also Chinese kits if you are not a spice fan.

Available in a host of delicious flavours including Indian; Tikka, Jalfrezi, Balti, Masala and Chinese; Sweet Chilli and Hoi Sin, with an RRP of £3.29 the Wrap Kits are on shelf in your local supermarket now.  
Disclosure I was given a free product to review. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. They do sound good. I love curry and I love wraps so its got to be good!

    1. They are indeed,its 8.46 am and I have just decided I want these for dinner again tonight!

  2. I'd love to try these wraps. Seem so quick & easy to cook.

    1. They are really good Maya.Very simple and fast.