Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olbas for Children Picks Up Bronze at LovedbyParents Award

The makers of Olbas Oil, the no.1 selling decongestant oil*, have been awarded the bronze accolade in this year’s LovedbyParents Awards in the Best Children’s Remedy category for their  Olbas for Children.

Olbas for Children, a gentle yet powerful decongestant, is formulated especially for children and infants over three months and has been recognised by UK parents as one of the most effective products on the market today.

Each entry is tested by a panel of parents and then a shortlist is taken to a public vote. This year, there were more than 44,000 votes clearly demonstrating the popularity of the awards.

Wendy Poole, Olbas Brand Manager said, “Being recognised in the Best Children’s Remedy category is testament to the product. As parents using the products vote in the awards, this is the ultimate seal of approval and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to vote.”

Verity Cash voted in the awards and chose Olbas for Children as the Best Children’s Remedy, she said, “I find that Olbas for Children helps to relieve my daughter’s sniffles and stuffy nose throughout the year. I’ve always used Olbas oil and knowing that it has been made specifically for children, means I feel confident in the product and I know that it really works.”


Product overview

Olbas for Children helps to  clear stuffy little noses and keeps on working for a long time. This gentle yet effective formulation contains a special combination of natural plant oils  including clove , eucalyptus, juniperberry and cajuput.

Olbas for Children offers a day or night solution to relieve little noses.  At night, simply sprinkle a few drops on a hanky, place it out of reach in their bedroom, and let the vapours work to effectively relieve congestion and restore easy breathing…the result? Peaceful nights and sweet dreams all round.

Olbas for Children with natural plant oils is a powerful all year around solution – as well as helping  to relieve congestion and catarrh  It can also be used to help relieve hayfever symptoms.


  1. I use Olbas oil all the time when we have colds. I don't know if it works but I love the smell!

    1. It works for me and when my two were litlle, I was never without a bottle. Really clears the breathing and nice for that to happen in a natural way!

  2. Love Olbas Oil. With four children, when they get a cold and wake each other up throughout the night, you need something that can help them settle or completely lose your sanity! This stuff really works! Thanks for the blog! :-) x

    1. Children who cannot breathe at night is horrible tos ee,plus awful for tired Mums, I always used it for mine.