Saturday, 25 August 2012

Jungle Formula Outdoor & Camping Review

Jungle Formula Outdoor and Camping – it’s not just for the jungle but if you are having to step into one it helps. My family and I have been taming the wilderness of my Granny's garden.
This is just a small sample of the work we have started above and while we work we have disturbed some real nasty biting insects. My first journey through the trees and shrubs that have just grown wild along with brambles and elderflower trees left me with some really nasty bites.
I do get bitten each year, I seem to be the one who has a sign on my head " Here I am get your dinner here!"  The bite site  is always swollen to quite bizarre sizes, I even had a doctor mark on on my stomach one year and said if it went past his circle I would have to go into hospital. 

The garden we are working on has possibly made may mosquitos very happy! One bite left me limping all weekend recently. My foot swelled up, then my ankle, it felt bruised, hot and achy. It was extremely painful to walk on and  the heat coming away from the bite was amazing, the bites  on my legs were keeping me awake  at night and the relief creams are often too late to help.
Reading the info from Jungle Formula who sent me their new insect repellent spray is quite disturbing. There are 30 types of mozzies in the UK and I think all 30 species have been having a cheeky chew on my legs. 

But our climate now (turn those lights off and stop this global warming!!) is providing suitable conditions for the Asian tiger mosquito which is known to spread tropical diseases and has already been reported in France and Belgium. The Health Protection Agency even has a mosquito recording scheme that tracks the presence of mosquitoes in the UK, recognising the growing menace.
At the moment these UK nasties just cause itching, burning and pain, that is more than enough for me and I am now armed with my Jungle Formula. I like the easy application, I am spraying it on after I wake up, as the little suckers (literally) get me early morning too!! Applying again 6 hours later gives protection from all biters and stingers including wasps and midges. Its far easier than lotion which  gets a bit tricky to apply, when you are working in tougher conditions, have dirty hands or even on a sandy beach, the spray makes it far more user friendly. 
I have not been bitten as long as I keep the spray topped up. Love this little bottle of pain saving formula! I can enjoy tackling the garden and be bite free. Highly recommended  by me, for those who are prone to reaction to bites, or who fear wasps!!

Louise White, Jungle Formula spokesperson comments: “Summer 2012 sees the Great British outdoors come into its own so we feel the time is certainly right for a product geared towards repelling the type of insects we come across the most in the UK.  Olympic events are taking place all across the UK; millions of people are taking to the streets to celebrate the jubilee; festivals are now, more than ever, a staple of the summer while staycations and camping holidays have never been so popular.  We hope Jungle FormulaOutdoor and Camping helps people enjoy all that the UK summer has to offer without having to worry about pesky insects spoiling the family’s fun.” 
New Jungle Formula Outdoor and Camping has been specifically designed for use in less extreme climates such as the UK and northernEurope and contains IR3535, which is shown to repel insects by inhibiting their receptors to the smell of humans.  It has excellent skin tolerance and has been approved by the World Health Organisation for personal use since 2001.
This year, Jungle Formula has introduced an Insect Repellent Factor® (IRF®).  Similar to selecting a sun cream to suit skin type, the IRF®allows consumers to choose which repellent from the range is right for them. 
Jungle Formula Outdoor and Camping (IRF® 3) can be used by adults and children from 12 months old and is available in a 75ml pump spray with a RRP of £6.99.  It provides up to six hours protection and is available from all good chemists and supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Superdrug, Wilkinsons and independent pharmacies.
Jungle Formula Outdoor and Camping – it’s not just for the jungle.


  1. I recently moved from the States to the UK and had no idea there was such a mosquito problem here. I hadn't even considered I would need this product. It is certainty worth it to keep my family safe from potential serious problems. Thank you so much for the info

  2. I have lived here all my life and did not know there were that many species, I just categorized them as little and big ones.

  3. we have loads of midges where I love so this would be super handy

  4. I get bitten to death, mainly by Mossies, my Eyes and lips swell so much I can't see or talk,
    I use a plant that grows wild all over called Feverfew and add water to the flowers and simmer to get it stronger. Then I put it in a spray bottle and spray myself and it works well at keeping the insects away, but there's still plenty about that enjoy biting me.

    1. Apparently they hate brewers yeast so taking one tablet a day before mozzie season works but I always forget. I have tried lots of potions and feverfew too, I still get bitten. This has actually helped and I have been up to my neck in mozzie world aka new jungle garden the last few weeks.

  5. Replies
    1. I think its good for wasp fears too, my son gets really panicked and flies about all over the place, I will have to test it for that when the ones in my loft swarm.

  6. Eating marmite apparently also helps deter mosquitos from biting. I got this tip from someone when my daughter had to be checked out by the hospital for a simple bite that made her arm swell up.

    1. I eat it nearly every day and still get bitten, but know it works for some. Hopefully your daughter.

  7. My sister needs this she gets bitten all the time and gets an allergic reaction and swells up badly!, Mosquito's here do not bother me as much as I would get bit about 10-12times a day in America