Friday, 3 August 2012

e-cloth e-auto Review

Chris has a new car, its replaced me for a bit, not in his love of course but the adoring long gazes are definitely redirected.
Oh it won't last, its a fling and I have no jealous feelings. He spends time reading all the pamphlets, looking out the window at it and most amazingly cleaning it all the time. 

His work takes him to dusty and muddy environments, with the previous, he would clean it and it could look just as bad the day after, so it . However the new baby is getting tip top treatment, so when e-cloths asked me to review some of the new e-auto car care range, I said No, but I know a man who can.
I have reviewed  the household e-cloths and loved how they worked, without the need for cleaning products.  
You can read my review here

We were sent the Dual Action sponge and the Glass and Chrome cloth.
 They mimic the same revolutionary cleaning technology as e-cloth,  we read the new e-auto range eliminates tough dirt, grease and bacteria in three quick and easy steps; wet, wipe and dry using nothing but water.

The above is a days dirt, and so Chris got to work with the sponge, he loved the large size of it, we now have a large car and it was a good size for cutting down time cleaning.Within minutes the cloth was washing away grime without our usual car products.

The grey side is textured so it really gets the stuck on dirt and bugs. 

As you can see the car is shiny and cleaned well all with water and the sponge. We were both impressed.

The Glass and Chrome cloth was a lot more hard work, it did give a shine but we found that if you try to clean a whole window it just smeared as the water had dried, it took a long while in comparison to our usual cream shine. Our tip is to do a section at a time, but would have liked to had the wow factor with all other e-cloth products I and now Chris has used.  Perhaps there is a knack to using it, but we could not work one out.

So a massive thumbs up for the  Dual Action Sponge, it made light work of grime and stuck on dirt, its large and easily cleans without water.
The glass and chrome cloth not so easy but it was without any cleaning products so in that respect it was good.

Caring for your car has never been easier. The e-auto range significantly cuts cleaning time and costs and with reduced or no chemicals, it’s also better for the environment and safe for use on all surfaces of your car. What’s more, each product is anti static, so does not attract dust to the interior or exterior of the car when washed. All products are also guaranteed for up to 300 washes, providing long lasting performance.

The new range features a selection of cleaning and finishing product solutions including:

e-auto Dual Action Mitt
Effortlessly removes grease and dirt on large areas of bodywork, in particular those hard to reach areas such as around wiper arms. Used dry, the fibre fronds attract and lock in dust whilst the soft side is ideal for gently rubbing stubborn marks.

e-auto Dual Action Sponge
Gently but efficiently cleans away grit and dirt from all painted surfaces and glass using just water. The anthracite grey side features special stiffer fibres, which easily remove stuck on dirt and bugs without scratching.

e-auto Car Cleaning Cloth
Perfect for all round cleaning, when used dry it makes an excellent duster to trap dirt.

e-auto Dry and Shine Cloth
For a high gloss finish, the special e-auto fibres offer rapid absorption and provide a huge capacity for liquids, making light work of drying the whole vehicle in just one wipe, providing a better finish than a traditional chamois.

e-auto Glass and Chrome Cloth
Leaves all chrome and paintwork smear free and looking like new in one swift wipe.

There is also a Car Cleaning Kit, which includes; a Dual Action Mitt, Car Cleaning Cloth and Dry & Shine Cloth.

Finally, for on the go cleaning, there’s e-auto’s On Board Cleaning Kit which comes in a handy travel bag including; Water Spray, Car Cleaning Cloth and Glass & Chrome Cloth.

There’s no excuse for a dirty car with the new e-auto range – it will have your set of wheels looking like new in no time!

e-auto Car Cleaning Cloth is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £4.99
e-auto Dry & Shine Cloth is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £4.99
e-auto Glass & Chrome Cloth is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £4.99
e-auto Dual Action Mitt is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £6.99
e-auto Dual Action Sponge is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £6.99
e-auto Car Cleaning Kit is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £9.99
e-auto On Board Cleaning Kit is available from TK-Maxx and, RRP £14.99


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  2. What is it with men & their cars! A Sunday morning in our street sees most of the men out cleaning their other loves.
    Cleaning without any chemicals has to be a great improvement so its only the dirt & water going down the drain.

    Great review once again thank you. x

    1. Yes what is it? Never looks at the windows that way!!
      You know you are right, its got to be so much better for the water system here too!

  3. Guaranteed for 300 washes! That's alot. Unfortunately, hubby is not so keen on cleaning cars and I have to do it myself so thanks or the review.

    1. It is a lot,pretty good value when you measure it up to all the cleaning products you normally buy.
      Thank you Maya

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