Tuesday, 3 July 2012



Granny, grandma, nan, nana, gran - whatever she is called, a grandmother can be a very special person. So the people at Grannynet, the community-based website for grandmothers and Infacol, manufacturers of Britain’s number one infantcolic remedy, have teamed up to recognise these Supergrans!

Daughters, granddaughters, sons, grandsons, families and friends are being asked to nominate their granny each month throughout the year, leading up to one very special grandmother being awarded the title Grannynet and Infacol’s Granny of the Year in April 2013.
Rosie Lowry was May's winner
Each month the winning granny is treated to a prize for being a star. The overall winner will be presented with the award at a special ceremony by TV and radio presenter Gloria Hunniford as well as win a break at Enid Blyton’s favourite hotel, Knoll House in Dorset, voted by The Oldie magazine as the best hotel to take grandchildren.

Winners to date include the wonderful Hilda Keay, who was born in the year the Titanic began its fateful journey and George V was on the throne and is still the centre of family life and Grannynet blogger, Jane Jackson, who runs a support group for grandparents who have been denied contact with their grandchildren.

To tell us why you think your granny deserves anaward, fill out a nomination form at http://www.grannynet.co.uk/granny-of-the-year-awardand send a photo of her to beourqueen@grannnet.co.uk

Infacol is the manufacturer of Britain’s  Number one Infant Colic Remedy

Grannynet was founded in 2006 by Verity Gill when her life was turned upside down by the arrival of her baby daughter.  As she looked for help and guidance from her own mother, she realised what  an important part a grandmother plays in the life of their grandchild.

Starting with a forum for grandparents to exchange stories and compare notes on their grandchildren, Grannynet quickly developed to provide advice and articles to help them support their children and grandchildren in all sorts of ways.

Today, Grannynet provides a friendly and informative support network for grandparents all over the UK with their membership total recently hitting 4000 grannies.
The Grannynet & Infacol Granny of the Year Award will be presented at a special ceremony by TV and radio presenter Gloria Hunniford who says: “The love, support and reassurance of grandparents is an essential part of the parenting process and it’s only right that we should celebrate them.”


  1. I agree that grandparents can be essential and my mother certainly does a great job with her grandchildren.

  2. Your blog always create some informational and amazing things, which add in my knowledge

    and experience.But I am a bit confuse. Thanks for sharing.Waiting for next post...

  3. Great post, will have to pop over & enter my Mother. She's 81 next Saturday with 26 grandchildren & number 10 great grandchild due in August (who will be my third grandchild) She's definately got enough to qualify!

  4. I agree - Grandparents are fabulous!!! I am a single mum so my parents are the only grandparents in my children's life as their dad and his parents haven't had contact for years. My parents are soooo supportive to me to and I don't know what I would do without them. They are always happy to take my children out, taxi us around, and help me around my home with diy jobs etc. They never ask for anything back but I always make sure they know I appreciate what they do for me. The children are always making them gifts and baking for them!

    Unfortunately I lost my own 2 sets of grandparents by the age of 8 so my younger brother and sister never even met them. I vaguely remember going to stay at my dad's mothers whilst my parents had a night off and I loved it! She was always full of fascinating facts and stories and it was nice to stay over somewhere different for a change - and grandma always had lots of treats!

    Thank you for the lovely blog post Jo x It has brought back many fond childhood memories!