Monday, 23 July 2012

M&S launch the ‘Virtual Manicure’

What do you think of the colour choice for my nails, I quite like it. Its Autograph Ultimate Wear Nail Colour in Crystal!
I have just been playing on the Virtual manicure. Its quite good as you get to choose an image of a hand close to the look of yours, then apply the shades of  polish, until one suits your hand colour and preference!, There is a huge range to choose from too.
Have a play and tell me which colour  you prefer?

Already love Your Beauty’s ‘Virtual Makeover’? Try the ‘Virtual Manicure’. Launching today online via and soon to be in selected stores, you can now virtually try on M&S entire collection of nail polish to see how they appear on your own hands! Upload an image of your hand or select a hand with a skin tone to match your own, get adventurous with colour selection and then apply with a simple click. Your favourites can then be purchased for home or store delivery, and don’t forget you can also share all your creations with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. 

As with the ‘Virtual Make over’ which launched in May 2012, Your Beauty’s ‘Virtual Manicure’ uses ground breaking declassified American army technology to transform the beauty shopping experience both in store and online.

Disclosure. I was offered a complimentary nail colour for trying out the new Virtual Manicure and posting my colour!


  1. Jane C English23 July 2012 at 14:04

    OOO Loving this, I picked plastic pink, I love red nail varnish, maybe its the vamp in me!!

  2. I picked Lavender, but to be honest I did't think that any of the colours on the wheel suited me well.

    1. I found that separating them into brands made the colour bands wider and easier to pick!

  3. I quite like this idea. Now they just have to make a full body virtual makeover, where you can choose which clothes and makeup to wear with it!