Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vidal Sassoon HydraGloss Straighteners Review

If asked what I like about myself, my hair is near the top of the list, while I have reviewed some lotions and potions for hair, I do love a good hair styler and I was pleased to be asked to review one of the new Vidal Sassoon range.

I had great fun not so long ago with the Enrapture Totem Styler see here and the Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver here. These were fabulous and still are for beach babe curls and ringlets. For an everyday hair look I like to use straighteners, despite me having straight hair, I find I get a lovely finish.
So I chose the Vidal Sassoon HydraGloss Straighteners, known for creating a good look,

Straighteners are sometimes known for damaging hair if overused and what attracted me to the HydraGloss, was the built in  IONIC generator to promote hair health whist styling, leaving super straight glossy results.
The IONIC port creates negative ions that lock in natural moisture leaving soft, glossy, manageable hair.
The straighteners are a stylish purple and white, light to hold and easy to manoeuvre as the cord has a swivel element.
The cord is 1.8 metres, not as long as I would like, but at home, where I style my hair, the socket is close to the mirror.
I am totally amazed at the fast heat up, my GHD's are not this fast.

There are nine different heat settings this is great for my hair, which is quite fine. I went straight to the ION setting and will happily use it at that.

I think the protective quality and the low temperature settings are the features that beat other straighteners. I was advised by my hairdresser to keep at 150C or below to not damage my hair so for my frequent use its perfect.

You get a shot of the side of my hair here, not bad for me having to take the picture blindly! I was pleased with the finish, the ceramic plates glide down the lengths easily and it was quick to achieve my look.

In addition, for peace of mind, the straightener has a 60 minute auto shut off feature.
RRP £24.99

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The Hydra Gloss Straightener can be found at Argos and Boots.

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Plus the HydraGloss Straightener I have just reviewed.

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (a Vidal Sassoon HydraGloss Straightener) for review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. Looks like a really good result :-)

  2. Your hair looks really lovely,they are a great price too,I think theres so much hype over GHD`s.Why pay just for the name when theres others that are just as good !
    I've got some Remington straighteners which are really good,ive not used them for awhile,I have wavy/curly hair.Think I`ll dig them out and have a go and I fancy some crimpers too for the wild 80`s look :)

  3. They are fabulous, your hair looks lovely! Love the different heat settings, my hair is quite thick so not all straighteners do their job.
    As Paula says the GHD's are seriously hyped, ok their good, but "How much!!"

    Thanks for another great review. x

  4. Sad to hear about Vidal Sassoons death on the radio tyhis morning, really meant to be a nice gent from all I rread over time.

  5. Yes I was sad, seemed more poignant as I had just reviewed these. He has made a lot of women feel good about their hair and I read he was a really nice guy.

  6. These sound really good, I need to replace my current straightners so will probably get these instead

  7. I have yet to purchase some hair straightners as I can never decide on which ones to get. These do sound really good so I might get around to getting some soon.