Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sky Ride Events

Sky Ride City events are big free bike rides where everyone’s invited – however you ride.  Local rides are fun, free community bike rides that offer a great way of getting out and exploring your local area and meeting like-minded people. Fab for families.

I was invited to attend the Kent event this Sunday, but sadly its a little far.
If you are lucky enough to live an event,  why not take part.

The video below of the Bath event looks brilliant fun. I am hoping for one near my home soon.
Sky are bringing Sky Ride to towns and cities across the country so everyone can enjoy cycling together, whether on closed city centre roads, through parks, on cycle lanes or in special cycling venues.
Sky Ride is perfect for families and anyone who needs a bit of inspiration to get their bike out of the shed again. Whatever your age, and whatever you ride, join our nationwide celebration in this special year for cycling.

To take part, find your nearest Sky Ride and register for free. It’s a fun day out and there are prizes up for grabs for getting involved.
Watch this video from Sky Ride Bath 2011 to get a flavour of what the events are like.


  1. Sounds good... though I am a bit of a rubbish cyclist!

  2. I don't know the rules of the road when it comes to cycling so a mass event would be much better for me.