Monday, 14 May 2012

Pointless The Board Game Review

Pointless is one of those teatime shows that not only gets my brain working but due to Alexander Armstrong and his wit, its a great game and truly gets your grey matter working. Its not those answers at the top of your head as they have a high points, its  the knowledge lurking in the back, for the aim of the game is to gain a low score or even better a pointless score. 
I was keen to try out the board game based on the show to see if it matched the programme's entertaining half hour.

Chris and I set up the board and sorting out the cards into the rounds.

For those that have not seen  the show, here is a question.
What are the ingredients of guacamole made by Delia Smith? Now the one that jumps to your mind...avocado is the one you should not answer with.

100 people are asked for their answers and the way to win is to pick the answer that was rare or indeed not even mentioned, in this case Tabasco sauce with a zero score.

I groaned as the first question that came up was a football one, now I do know a bit but my knowledge is not as extensive as Chris's. luckily I had been waffling on about Eastenders and Chris got as he terms it 'all confussled' He meant to answer for the question 'Name an England captain since 1960 ' Terry Butcher which would have got him the zero point, shamefully he wrote Pat Butcher who to my limited knowledge never played the beautiful game.

This started our game off with fabulous hilarity and as the next question was name a work by Jane Austin or one of the Bronte's he groaned again, for this was my favourite subject. We had a great time discussing answers after each round, Paige joined in and became our question master and learnt a few new general knowledge facts.

Its a fabulous way to wile away the hours on these rainy weekends.

We found that for two players the board was not needed, playing with more its a useful tool.

Pointless gets a thumbs up from all our family games enthusiasts. Its as good as the show and not at all pointless when trying to have fun.
Can you name a country beginning with the letter M that no one else would think of? How about Mali or Micronesia? Can you think of a character from Toy Story that nobody else would remember? We all know Buzz Lightyear, but who remembers Wheezy the penguin? Put your obscure and pointless knowledge to the test with this board game version of the popular BBC2 quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Fight against your natural instincts as you try to score the least number of points by guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions.
In Pointless a series of questions is presented to the players. These questions have also been surveyed to a group of 100 other people. It’s the players’ job to think of an answer that is not only correct, but also the least popular among those surveyed. For example, if the question asks you to name a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Titanic is not a good answer as 88 people in the survey gave this. Anybody who says The Man in the Iron Mask gets a much better score of 6 points. Any correct answers the survey didn’t think of are Pointless answers and award a most desirable zero points. Who will carry off the Pointless trophy among your family and friends? For 2 to 4 players or teams and ages 10 and up.

Pointless from University Games is available from all good retailers including Amazon with an RRP of £19.99
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  1. Had to laugh at your title, but it did make me come & read it.
    Only caught this programme a couple of times & enjoyed it, but I can only see the stupid advert that Alexander Armstrong is in.

  2. Ha yes a funny title especially when there was no real intention. I wonder if Alexander Armstrong will be doing the Pimms ads again this year!

  3. I loooove Pointless! Alexander and Richard are so funny! My husband loves it too so might have to get him this for his birthday :)

  4. Love you review!!! I would gladly play the game but to be honest, I wish they would regularly chance what they put on the BBC from 5.15pm - 6pm! I know Pointless is a nice chance from Anne Robinson but I am starten to get sick of the same old Pointless! When I was little, it was good old Neighbours! I wish that was still running on the BBC!

  5. I have never seen Pointless but we love board games in our house, so maybe we could give this a try

  6. It looks really good and fun to play. I'm terrible at general knowledge so might be a bit Pointless buying it!

  7. love the TV program this sounds great!

  8. lovely review and game description, the game sounds like great fun.