Monday, 28 May 2012

Nature’s Path Tasty Everyday Snacks For Coeliac Children!

At Last – Tasty Everyday Snacks For Coeliac Children!
Nature’s Path Shakes Up Gluten-Free Snacking

Nature’s Path, North America’s biggest independent ‘free-from’ cereal producer, has launched its first non-cereal products – a range of 3 delicious, gluten-free and organic bars, ‘Crispy Rice Bites’.

Designed for everyday snacking, the bars are endorsed by Coeliac UK and were launched just as Coeliac Awareness Week approached (14th-20th May).

They follow the successful introduction of the company’s children’s cereals, ‘Munch’ and ‘Os’ in 2011. Nature’s Path were the first cereal firm to not only recognise the existence of child coeliacs - but that they actually prefer products that don’t treat them like second-class citizens! So, in came vibrant, fun, designs and tasty products that helped make breakfast a far more enjoyable experience for them.

Now, with Crispy Rice Bites, the company has addressed both the lunch and ‘on-the-go’ needs of younger coeliacs – who also appreciate tasty snacks as much as any other child. Historically, snack bars for this audience have been dry and deadly dull, but these, in stark contrast, are moist and chewy, thanks partially to being honey-sweetened.

They also come in simple, un-fussy flavours, which children appreciate and are substantial (weighing in at 28g), so are the perfect treat for lunchtime - or when families are out and about.

(Those upcoming summer picnics just got more interesting for coeliac children! )
The 3 flavours are: ‘Berry Bobbly’ (raspberries & blueberries); ‘Choco Knobbly’ (light milk chocolate) and ‘Peanut Butter Bobbles’ (peanut butter with a milk chocolate drizzle). Coming in 5-pack single flavour boxes (RRP £2.49), they are available via Waitrose, Ocado and good independent health food shops.

This year, Nature’s Path became the official sponsor of Coeliac UK’s ‘Me and My Tummy’ literature for the parents of recently diagnosed children. This followed Coeliac UK members playing a pivotal role in online workshops that were instrumental in determining the look of the children’s cereals and these Crispy Rice Bites.


  1. These sound tasty and are a great treat for children

  2. my dad has Coeliac disease and there isnt alot of choice for him so any new products are good news.

  3. my dad has Coeliac disease so he would love these.

  4. They look nice and I like the sound of the Peanut Butter flavoured one.