Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Martin Miller's Gin Review

I have a great liking for the story behind Martin Miller's Gin, being the year of all things British and this spirit is from our fair isles.
However what's fascinating is Martin Miller is the  author of the Miller’s Antique Price Guides, not somebody I would have associated with gin making, together with friends after drinking gin cocktails they decided the gin could be made better. I tend to get silly and go to bed after drinking with friends!

What they came up with was a lovely tasting gin. I was sent two little bottles to trial and I found it to be zesty, really clear tasting and very refreshing.

I followed the instructions below and went with lime instead of  lemon my usual slice. It really does bring a different zest citrus flavour out in the gin.

I have never had gin in a wine type glass but this really does work, the aroma gets into your nose much more and then I think adds to the taste.

I do think its a good gin standalone and even if I didn't have the right glass, the flavour would still impress me.

1)      COLD: It is most important to use all the ingredients as cold as possible – both the gin and lots of large ice cubes straight from the freezer
2)      THE GLASS: The best type of glass is a large balloon style.  Perfect for holding the glass without warming the contents and for displaying the beautiful citrus and botanical aromas
3)      GARNISH: Use a long twist of lime peel.  Lime is the floral pairing for Martin Miller’s.  NOT LEMON.  Do not use the pulp of the lime either as this destroys the bubbles!  Then drop into the glass 3 or 4 Juniper berries
4)      BUBBLES: It is the bubbles that bring out the nuances in Martin Miller’s gin, so be sure to keep as much fizz in the tonic as possible
5)      BE PATIENT! Wait 30 seconds while all the ingredients mix and marry together.

Whether it’s the Jubilee, James Bond’s 50th , the Olympics or just any excuse for a party this summer, what better way to get into the spirit of the things than with the perfect gin & tonic?  So bring out the bunting, fly the Union Jack Flag and celebrate all that is British with Martin Miller’s Gin (www.martinmillersgin.com), England distilled and Iceland chilled for the ultimate in good taste.

Born out of love, obsession and a degree of madness, multi award winning, Martin Miller’s Gin is a premium English gin that is distilled in a century-old grande dame of a pot still called ‘Angela’, in the heart of the Black Country.  Unlike all but a handful of gins, Martin Miller’s is batched distilled, like Malt Whisky – time consuming but, for gin production, unrivalled and in the age-old manner, adhering to the tried & tested techniques that have always produced the finest gin spirit.

Distilled using 10 carefully balanced botanicals, with juniper berries playing a key role alongside the more subtle flavours of orange and lemon peel, coriander and liquorice, cinnamon, cassis and nutmeg, the multi award-winning gin with a twist is then blended to strength with the softest and purest water on the planet from the small village of Borganes in Iceland to ensure its clean, fresh, unrivalled taste and aroma.  Icelandic spring water imparts a freshness and smoothness to the taste of Martin Miller’s Gin whilst also contributing greatly to its much vaunted silky texture.

The end result of all this hard work is a gin that is gentle in the mouth and its unique, yet classic, gin taste profile makes Martin Miller’s the ideal gin for a host of traditional and new wave drinks; guaranteed to put the fizz into your street parties and celebrations all summer long and beyond.

RRP £22 for 70cl bottle from Majestic, Harvey Nichols, Oddbins, Nicolas and other quality wines and spirits merchants. Also available in Duty Free throughout the world.


Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (two 50ml bottles) for review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. I've never had gin in a wine-type glass before, always a tall one. Must try...what a good excuse to break out the gin! x

  2. It really does change the flavour, just like a good wine!

  3. First I`ve heard of this gin. Will have to give it a try

  4. I would never have thought of gin in a wine glass, it looks cool though :-) And I prefer lime rather than lemon :-)

  5. This sounds lovely, perfect for summer

  6. I love gin as long as I don't have too much! Haven't heard of this so will look out for it
    Felicity kelly