Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner Review

Lush are fabulous for getting your body ready for summertime and manage to do it making you feel really pampered at the same time.

I was recently sent Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner and could hug the makers of this Lush beauty. Th first thing that I love is the fragrance, the rose scent is mingled with an almost toffee fragrance, so good I wanted to eat it almost!
Its a thick  creamy butter but its light to the feel and my skin just lapped it up, it absorbed straight away and gave an instant soothing feeling. The pampering effect is just well lush! I am raving a little, but the scent on my skin is so good, I keep sniffing my arm. Chris loves it, says it makes me smell even more tasty, but that may be too much information!!

My skin was left thoroughly moisturised, looked really radiant and has a lovely sheen, perfect for applying before going out for the evening especially now the sunshine has arrived. I take Lush on holiday with me, as well as a needed break, Iget the chance to have me time, so armed with the best scented Lush bath bombs, balms and shower products I plan to take this also. I have a week in Cornwall coming up the Ro's Argan body conditioner will hydrate my skin after a day in the sea salt air and my sandy toes will be happy.

I thoroughly recommend for a glorious scented pamper session, especially good on a date night, you will smell amazing.
The full info below mentions Argan oils qualities and having reviewed the oil before, I am already a convert, in this form, combined with all the other natural goodies, I can thoroughly recommend it for not only how it feels but also for all the compliments, I had four people say I that I smelt gorgeous!

Packed full of ingredients to feed and nourish the skin; argan oil, cocoa butter, cupuaçu butter, brazil nut oil, almond oil and fair trade shea butter.
We didn’t think there was any room left after all those ingredients – but we just managed to squeeze in some goji berry juice in here too.
Finished off with Simon’s new Rose Jam scent, this product leaves you soft and smelling like a rose bush being kissed by the first rays of morning sun.

Argan oil, a rare oil produced only in Morocco, is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The belief in its anti-ageing properties has meant that the Argan tree, which was once endangered, is now protected for its valuable oil.
We start this product by making an infusion of cypress and vanilla. Cypress is a cooling herb that is said to prevent sweating.

This product is named after Rowena because she’s been nagging us for a very long time for both a conditioner to use after showering and something containing argan oil. So, at last you have both wishes combined, Ro!
Use like you would a hair conditioner. Smooth on over wet body after bathing or showering, rinse off and lightly towel yourself dry.

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (A tub Of Lush Ro's Conditioner ) for review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. It does really look like a great product! Your review really makes me want to get some.

  2. Have heard a lot of good things about argan oil. This sounds great.

  3. Argan oil is great I did a trial for a company last year & it was amazing stuff.
    When I saw your pictures I had to do a double take looks like yummy ice cream!
    thank you for another great review & information packed post. xx

  4. i love lush products, will definatly be trying this

  5. A toffee fragrance sounds awesome :)

  6. Second thoughts, I don't really like the black & white packaging. But the product itself does sound nice.

  7. Looks like the sort of thing that would make the perfect gift.

  8. I'm a big lush fan and this sounds great!

  9. I've not had the pleasure of trying this yet which I must fix as I love lush products

  10. I found Lush beginning of January, bought the shampoo bar and the charity hand cream.

    The Blue sea salt shampoo bar is fantastic. I was blown away with it on the first use. I have very fine hair and it has made my hair have volume and because its highlighted it needed loads of conditioner but not anymore. The shampoo bar conditions even my (used to be strawlike) hair. I would highly recommend it to anyone who highlights/colour treats their hair or anyone with fine limp hair like mine.

    The charity hand cream is fab. Moisturises deep but not greasy. Doesnt stick in your rings if you have wedding bands engagement rings or eternity rings with stones in that you cant get off. I found that other creams tend to get stuck under my rings. This is also highly recommended too.

    Try them, they are amazing. I will be trying these products that you have reviewed next time i go to lush.

  11. Right, bought some of this today so ready to try it out. Hope it works as good as they say at lush.