Monday, 21 May 2012

Keds Spring/Summer 2012

In 1916, Keds created a shoe with a soft rubber sole.
This original sneaker, called “the Champion,” has remained a
style icon for almost 100 years. From movie stars, artists and
tennis pros to first ladies and beatniks, just about everyone
had a pair of Keds. Worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O
and now less famously Chris and I.

Chris and I are reviewing the  Keds Spring/Summer 12 collection, a little he wears she wears feature.

Both fans of sneakers, the  term "sneaker" was invented by the ad agency of Keds, the rubber soles made them virtually silent and whose wearers could "sneak" along quietly.

Keds are definitely a top choice for weekend and warm weather shoes for us, summer is a great time as we can get out for a walk, if lucky to a beach, the sneakers are ideal for comfort, but more for style.

But back to our choices, as you can see he wears a large boat sneaker and my she wears Keds are slightly daintier.
I have several pairs of sneakers, Chris several more, his love of footwear puts Imelda Markos to shame. He has all the colours of the rainbow and then some. Old battered loved ones that come out often, checked striped and pairs that match tshirts, but also clash terribly.
His shoe size is 12, I do refer to his shoes as boats, whenever he makes the slightest comment about the amount of shoes I own, I point out his ate twice the size of my size 6, I win!

It was lovely to know that Keds cater for his foot size and not just the odd pair as some brands tend towards. The range was his for the choosing.
I love Chris's choice the Champion Army Twill Jute, I was expecting one of the many bright colours to be requested. But he said what appealed was the jute trim and the fact these would team nicely with khaki combat shorts, faded denim and his new chinos. 

When it came to mine, I was spoilt for choice, there are some lovely additions for summer. 

I went with Keds White Champion Too The Point you might think a little staid, but I adore crisp white sneakers, they are a wardrobe staple, they go with denim cut offs, navy or white skinny jeans. Fab with a floral summer skirt and tee.

I was hoping to find some sunshine to show us out and about wearing them. But alas its still raining. I will get them into a few summer (Please come soon!) pics later.

I wore mine on a dry day out shopping and they are really comfortable. The toe is slightly pointed and gives a fab slender look to my feet.

I tell you how good they are my daughter keeps trying them on, Conor has a long way to reach Chris he wears an 8. He usually favours Vans but instanly honed in on the Keds and went to look at the range.

I was torn myself when looking at the new range. I love the latest Ballerina styles such as these Champion Too Cute Ditsy 

Then I thought about the Ankle Wraps and I'm actually going to buy a pair as they are adorable.
Nowadays, Keds offers many choices of shoes both new and
authentic whilst holding on to the trendy, narrow silhouette
that makes the Keds sneaker distinctive.
The new Spring 2012 collection is inspired by two on-trend
themes: Lawn Party and Pool Side.
The Lawn Party theme mixes Keds heritage and 2012 style.
Classic and smart silhouettes with a tailored flair, made from
materials such as linen and Hopsack and designed with plaids
and stripes. The Pool Side theme exhibits new styles with bright,
simple colour palettes or jutes and tropical prints.
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  1. Ooh I love the ankle wraps are amazing. Love your choice.

  2. You can't go wrong with the classic whites, good choice. But those Ditsy ballerina ones are adorable too :)

  3. Interesting where the word Sneakers came from. Like the Ankle Wraps too.

  4. They look so comfy! I remember having a pair of these when I was young, had totally forgot about them til I read this post, I lived in them one summer, been trying to workout how old I was, think I must have been 12 - 13, will go have a look at their website now. Thanks. x