Friday, 11 May 2012


I really love this bag, its so funny and reminds me of when my sister did try to eat soap and her poor face as she realised it tasted awful.
The bags, only 5000 go on sale today at Lush stores in the UK and Europe , I do not think they will be around for too long.

I will be back with a Lush review soon.

English artist and doodler extraordinaire Jon Burgerman has designed a special edition canvas bag for LUSH Cosmetics which will go on sale from today Friday 11th May 2012 for a limited time only. 
Following on from the successful Jon Burgerman edition of Lush’s Bathtime Favourites tin last year, this exclusive design was doodled for us by the artist whilst we interviewed him - everyone loved it so much, it made it on to a bag!
The great new lightweight 100% organic cotton bag has been made for us by the wonderful folks at Re-wrap who make all of our canvas bags, Knot-Wraps and black aprons for the shops.

Jon Burgerman, Doodle Dandy
Jon Burgerman is one of England’s most revered artists.  His distinctive style has been seen in pride of place at exhibitions from as far wide as LA to Shanghai and Lush are so excited to have a special Jon Burgerman design on one of our canvas bags!

Re-wrap are a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to ensure that the craftsmen and women of India can sustain their families through fair wages and work in a clean, safe and healthy environment. They work with co-ops that share their commitment to helping specific segments of society: those most vulnerable, single household women, physically or mentally disabled people and tribal communities.

The Jon Burgerman ‘Don’t Eat the Soap’ Canvas Bag (£4.95) is available in all Lush shops nationwide and online from 11th May 2012 and for a limited time only.   For shop details and Lush Online, please call 01202 668 545 or order on-line at


  1. Love the bag because it's very funny. Reminds me of my daughter when she caught a bubble mixture bubble in her mouth!

  2. Loving the bag, I'm the same as Maya, one of mine decided to catch & pop the bubbles with his mouth, that game didn't last long. But the memory has & it still makes me smile.

  3. Love the bag, it's brilliant