Monday, 21 May 2012

Ghost the Musical with Nazila Loves Glamour

Look at my nails above, are you amazed? I can't take my eyes off them, even a few days on. No they are not heavy, I haven't poked my eye out yet. I have been doing all my usual activities,  I can't play the piano, but then I couldn't before, boom boom!!

I was incredibly lucky to win a beauty bloggers competition along with 30 other beauty bloggers. I won a VIP evening to see Ghost the Musical which included tickets for a guest and I to attend a Ghost the Musical/Nazila Love Glamour event. I was very excited, the nails have recently been seen on Amanda Holden.

On arrival we were taken to the American Airlines bar, while the cast warmed up outside, I was  treated to a Ghost-themed Nazila Love Glamour Nail Glitz Manicure, the nails which could be glued or applied with sticky tabs were applied while I sipped a champagne cocktail.

Nazila who owns the company attended the evening and along side AmazingPR  really ensured we were all pampered.

 Ghost inspired cocktails aptly named Believe and Ditto!

After being pampered with manicures, cocktails and goody bags we took our seats front row of the Royal Circle no less to watch Ghost, the show was incredible, as moving as the original film, helped by the strong performances of the cast. All the  emotion is still there, and the songs heightens those emotions even further. Oda May played by the incredible Sharon D Clarke (Holby City, Last Choir Standing and We will Rock You) was as funny and powerful as the Whoopie Goldberg character. Boy could that woman sing!!

The show left us all amazed but the show was not over for the VIP beauty bloggers!

We had been asked to remain at the end for a surprise and after the theatre had emptied, we were led backstage, then onstage, where Ghost had just been performed a complete 'WOW' moment!!
You can see me (Leather biker jacket, blonde hair)  looking up at the sheer size and feeling a little overawed.

If that was not enough,we were then joined by the leads Molly and Sam (Siobhan Dillon and Mark Evans) for a photo opportunity.

Siobhan spoke to us all, then spotted the fab Nazila Glitz nails, she commented on how amazing my nails looked and spoke to Nazila about them, she envied us being able to wear them, as her role as Molly especially the iconic potters wheel scene, meant nails may get in the way. However she wanted some of her own and was given a set too.

A truly special end to a magical and glittery VIP evening.

I have a lovely surprise for my readers  coming up soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Nazila Loves Glamour and AmazingPR for a spectacular evening.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast Jo. I'm so jealous ... Looking forward to the show heading my way soon.

    Your nails look fantastic too.

  2. Those nails are insane, amazing!
    I would love to see Ghost the musical, glad you had such a good time :)

  3. OMGosh those nails look AMAZING! Sounds like you had a fantastic time too :)

  4. OOOOOOOO I LOVE THE NAILS, hopefully your suprise for us is a set - shhhhhhh

    I've heard good things about this show from friends who have travelled down to see it, hopefully, one day, I'll get to see it too.
    Oda May has to be the best part ever, I loved the way Whoopie Goldberg walked, same as she did in "Jumpin Jack Flash" which is another of my fav Whoopie films.
    Glad you had a fabulous evening.

  5. Maybe better than a set, hopefully have news soon.