Tuesday, 29 May 2012

From China to Manchester With Love: New Sweet Mandarin sauces

From China to Manchester With Love: New Sweet Mandarin sauces


Start with a secret recipe that has been passed down, word of mouth, through four generations
Add a family history that spans one hundred turbulent years and several continents
Mix in two stylish twin sisters with entrepreneurial flair
Combine the authentic ingredients, flavours and aromas found in China’s bustling street marketswith a modern twist
Sprinkle with a large dose of love and passion
The result? The delicious new dipping sauce range from Sweet Mandarin Sauces

When twin sisters Helen and Lisa Tse opened their Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in 2004, they became the fourth generation in their family to make and sell food for a living. Inspired by their incredible heritage, the sisters put their careers (as a lawyer and a financier) on hold to firmly established Sweet Mandarin for its modern, innovative take on authentic Chinese home cooking – including winning Best Local Chinese Restaurant in Gordon Ramsay’s F Word.

The loyal customers of the restaurant soon began to request that they were able to take the exotic flavours and recipes used in the Sweet Mandarin kitchen to their home and the Tse family were inspired to launch Sweet Mandarin Sauces giving everyone the chance to experience a little piece of Chinese hospitality on their own kitchen table

Each sauce is lovingly hand mixed by chef Lisa Tse in the Sweet Mandarin kitchen and tells part of the tale of the Tse family history. Using secret recipes passed down through generations, Lisa adds a modern take on the authentic flavours and aromas found in China’s street markets – and used by her mother, grandmother and great grandmother – in every bottle.

The initial range of Sweet Mandarin Sauces includes:
  • Barbecue – a thick, fruity sauce that evokes memories of heady evenings. Perfect as a dip with prawn crackers and other snacks or as a marinade for meats.
  • Sweet Chilli – an exciting concoction of fresh red chillies mixed with garlic and vinegar that tickles the tongue. Perfect for livening up stir-fries, noodles or salads or on the side, as a zingy dip.
  • Sweet & Sour – a classic Chinese sauce of contradictory flavours to confuse and delight the taste buds. Use as a dipping sauce with spring rolls and other appetisers or use with meat as a sauce
The Sweet Mandarin Sauce range is gluten free and contains no MSG or artificial colours or preservatives. It is available now, RRP £2.50 per bottle (plus p&p) at www.sweetmandarin.net


  1. These sound delicious, all three are my favourite flavours so I will definitely be looking out for them!

  2. I bought the Barbeque sauce last friday and we tried it when we had a bbq at the weekend and it was lovely! Really tangy! I am going to get the sweet chilli for over the Bank Holiday as I think both would be great for a bbq. I am not a big sweet and sour fan!

  3. They look great to go with any bbq'd meat.

  4. Good product to keep at home!!

  5. I love dipping sauces there are so many possibilities of things to dip these look yummy