Friday, 18 May 2012


Here is another chance to bake a favourite cake or cookie and have it star alongside celebrities favourites in a charity cook book.
150 celebrities provide their best bakes and you could be showing off your sweet success too.
Barbara Windsor, Lauren Goodger, Twiggy and The Duchess of Cornwall are among the 150 celebrities and royalty who have provided their favourite baking recipe for a charity cookbook sponsored by  food entertainment TV channel Food Network UK to raise money for The Ben Kinsella Trust.

The cookbook titled ‘Celebrity Bake Book’ is a compilation of more than 150 recipes from famous faces ranging from politicians, actors, singers, models, TV personalities, much loved chefs and even royalty.

With host of personal recipes from Emma Bunton’s Squidgy Chocolate Cake, Lorraine Kelly’s Dundee Cake to Gok Wan’s Chinese Steam Pudding, the book is the first of its kind and aims to increase awareness of knife crime amongst young people.

After Ben Kinsella was tragically murdered in June 2008, his family set up this Trust in his name. Ben was only sixteen when he was stabbed to death, in an unnecessary act of horrific violence that shocked the nation. He had just finished school, was predicted, and received, top grades that he never learned of and was just about to begin a life full of promise that was cut short by the devastating and growing problem that is knife crime.
The Ben Kinsella Trust, supported by TV channel Food Network UK, is giving one budding British baker the  opportunity for their favourite recipe  to feature in the cookbook alongside charitable stars such as Leona Lewis, Fearne Cotton and Jamie Oliver.

The competition goes live on 14th May 2012 on, and will require bakers to submit their “Best British Bake” recipe. A shortlist of 20 will be prepared by Food Network UK baker, Lotte Duncan and judged by a panel of contributors to the book.

Brooke Kinsella said, “The response from everyone so far has been fantastic. People from all walks of life are coming to together to help raise awareness of knife crime amongst young people and their families.”

“I can’t wait to see the final copy of the book and get some baking inspiration from the celebrities and chefs who have shared recipes.”

Nick Thorogood, Managing Director of Food Network EMEA said; “We hope our support for the book will help raise valuable funds for The Ben Kinsella Trust. It’s a great charity which works hard to reduce knife crime in our communities, and we hope that the book will encourage people to don an apron and bake a cake for their neighbours and family.

“The competition gives a member of the public a great opportunity to have their recipe featured alongside other great chefs and influential personalities and do their part to raise awareness for the Trust.”

So if your shortbread cannot be beaten or your treacle tart is a family favourite, submit your ‘Best British Bake’ recipe at before the 22nd June.

‘Celebrity Bake Book’ will go on sale from early September 2012 and all proceeds will be donated to The Ben Kinsella Trust which hopes to raise enough money to take a knife crime exhibition into schools nationwide to educate  youngsters about the consequences of knife crime and the devastating impact it has on society as a whole.


  1. At least this "pro celeb" book is in a good cause. It's tragic & very scary how someone can just nip out from the home never to return. Having lad that are now out & about more I insist on a text to tell me they are safe if they are stopping at a friends house after a night out. They understand why I want/need this text & are more than happy to send it.
    Really funny though I can tell how drunk one of my boys is by how good I can read his text. If its unledgible he's sober, if I can read it clearly he's really drunk! He's profoundly dyslexic, but for some reason his spelling improves the more he drinks - I'm talking 3-4 pints here nothing shocking.

  2. You keep doing that Jaycee, we lost a lovely lad, best friend of the family to a knife crime. I am over the top about my two being safe. When they moan, I say I am never going to apologise for keeping them safe.

  3. Hy sweetie! lovely post, maybe we can follow each other? Kisses

  4. Sounds like a good cause, and a nice excuse to bake :) I shall hopefully get one!

  5. A very worthy cause.