Monday, 28 May 2012

AnySharp Edge Review

Woohoo summer has finally hit and we are out in the garden rather later than normal getting it in order for relaxing and family barbecues.

Chris with his sometimes worrying fascination for sharp knives, spends quite a bit of time sharpening all sharp edges , my kitchen knives are kept pristine and when it comes to garden blades he is the same. He refuses to cut anything without it being sharp.
He has a very old pair of shears that were sharpened with an equally old steel.

So he was happy to try the AnySharp Edge. He found it to be great and he commented how quick and light it is to use. It sharpens fast and according to the master of the sharp edged tools it was perfect. It also rather cleverly worked on the saws.

 Its handy to pop on a hook and is already on the shed door.

It doesn’t matter where you are there is nothing more frustrating or dangerous than trying to use a blunt knife or blade. The AnySharp Edge is an easy to use hand held sharpener that will quickly restore the cutting edge to a variety of knives and tools.

The ergonomic design of the AnySharp Edge means it fits easily into the palm of your hand whilst the rubber handle provides excellent grip. To sharpen the blade hold it steady with the blunt edge upper most, then run the “V” of the AnySharp Edge over the blade to sharpen it. Depending on how blunt the blade is you may need to pass the Edge over the blade several times in order to restore its full sharpness. During the sharpening process you’ll probably see metal dust coming off the blade, this is perfectly normal and shows that the AnySharp Edge is working properly. For an online demonstration please visit
If you’re off camping or going away in your caravan or camper this summer, the AnySharp Edge is the perfect sharpener to take with you. It’s small and lightweight enough to be packed in with your kitchen fear, or popped in a kitchenette drawer. If you like to indulge in a spot of fishing while you’re on holiday, then you’ll probably need a knife to prepare your fishing bait and fillet your catch. The AnySharp Edge is compact enough to fit in your tackle box and will keep your knives in perfect condition.
The AnySharp Edge can be also be used on a variety of garden tools and is sure to help turn gardening from a chore into a pleasure. Use it to keep the digging edge of your spade sharp, the teeth on your pruning saw ready for action and even use it to sharpen the blades on your lawn mower, such is the Edge’s practical nature you’ll find you don’t even need to remove the blades.
The AnySharp Edge is available to buy direct from priced £14.99.

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (an AnySharp Edge) for review purposes. I have not been paid to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.

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