Saturday, 5 May 2012

Aldi Share A Recipe - Win Prizes

Aldi UK on Facebook have a fabulous new competition for fans,  if you have a family recipe that you would like to upload, you could win a £200 product of food!!

Aldi's sent me a few goodies from the Premium range to get me thinking about family recipes. The range is good quality and its easy to make a meal for guests that impresses.

I received:

Orange Blossom Honey
Parma ham
 Olives Pesto filled
 Ploughman's Chutney
West Country Farmhouse Vintage Cheddar
Specially Selected Terra di Bari Bitonto Olive Oil
Smoked Cured Back Bacon
Mmmmm.I need to put my thinking cap on and create a dish for the event. I'm thinking wrapped stuffed chicken dish maybe. Any ideas coming to mind for you yet.
If you do decide to enter, wishing you oodles of luck, after you have uploaded your recipe, pop back and let me know what you added.

Maybe you have a barbecue speciality, you may not get chance to cook it this weekend as the rain just won't stop, but share it and it could land you some fantastic prizes.

Or could it be that celebratory lunch the family all love for May Day!
The first Cookbook is themed around the May Bank Holiday – think quality food that you’ve spent time cooking, and good family get togethers.

The Aldi's Let’s Party Cookbook on Facebook is designed for fans to upload their favourite recipes and photographs of celebratory meals, with the chance to win £50 worth of Aldi vouchers and a product hamper worth a massive £200 for the most popular recipes!

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  1. Aldi's such good value. Hope I can think of a recipe but I'm no good at these kind of Competitions.