Monday, 16 April 2012

West Indian Chicken and Dumplings recipe

I love West Indian food, years ago the recipes were hard to get hold of as they were often family recipes that were passed down to only the children. I thankfully have had good friends who passed on tips, also as spice has become more available a few companies now sell their own West Indian curry powder blends. Each recipe I have looked at in books or on the net is different, this is the one I make and like. Apologies to anyone who think the ingredients are wrong, its just how I like it.
The recipe here uses  a really good one from Seasoned Pioneers. It is a different curry powder mix from Indian ranges its not a hot spice its subtle and is very distinct, another good one is Bolst.

The best curry is when the chicken has been marinated for at least 2 hours, I prefer to leave mine for 24 hours. I also add green peppers, sometimes spring onions. I love the taste of green peppers they go well with the curry spice.. Some people add tomatoes, some red peppers, I find its best with one of these only. I occasionally slice the Scotch Bonnet chilli pepper and add but beware its a hot pepper.

A heart shaped dumpling

I serve with dumplings also known as spinners, not the suet variety, these are a flour, salt and water mix, I usually add cornmeal, but when cooking this I had run out and these are just as good, also a very cheap filler for hungry families!  You just add flour a dash of salt, cornmeal if using about a third of the amount of flour, water to mix to a dough and knead, then make  your shapes, I tend to make round flattish ones, a heart shape always for Chris and occasionally sausage shapes. You just boil like potatoes until they float for about 15 minutes.

Basmati rice is good, rice and peas even better if you have time.
I tend to make a great pile of chicken either by chopping up a whole one, or using a large pack of thighs and legs, adding breast slices for Paige and I. The recipe is a bit chuck it all in and see how it goes.

Serves 6-8

Marinate chicken at least two pieces per person
1-2 tablespoons of good quality West Indian curry powder
4 cloves garlic
2 onions chopped
Several sprigs of fresh thyme
A few shakes of vinegar
2 green peppers
2 large potatoes chopped into medium chunks
Black pepper
1 whole Scotch Bonnet.
Chicken stock make at least a pint.

Marinate the chicken and put aside overnight if possible. Don't be too heavy with the seasoning as this is a light curry.

Scrape off the onions and thyme as much as possible, then fry the chicken until golden and starting to cook, do this in batches and leave on a plate.

Fry the marinated vegetables over a medium heat to soften, including peppers and or tomatoes if you are using.

Add  the chicken back to the pan, add the potatoes and whole Scotch Bonnet pepper. Add stock to about half way up chicken. Season with black pepper
Adjust seasoning to your taste.
Simmer for about 30 - one hour depending on chicken used, if boneless, cook for the 30 minutes. Remove the Scotch Bonnet pepper and discard. If  the sauce is watery then mash some of the potato with the back of a spoon to thicken.

Or you can do this is your slow cooker for about 3hrs-ish on low.


  1. This is a lovely recipe! I made it yesterday instead of a Sunday dinner and the dumplings went down really well with the kids!!!

  2. Another drool-worthy recipe from you to add to my bookmarks :-) Also, your little rice pile is so cute lol!

  3. Easy to do Laura just pack the rice into a small bowl and then quickly tip out onto the plate.

  4. Wow it just goes to show you that slow cookers are not just a Winter item. I shall have to try this Recipe out . Thanks Jo x

  5. Thats a different take on a chicken recipe, I'm not keen on hot & spicy, but love a bit of a tang, so this one sounds ideal.
    Will give it a try for Thursday evening meal. Nopefully it will be clean plates all round, we love peas with our rice so will add them as usual. Great for colour in recipies as well as part of your 5 a day.

    Thanks for the idea. x

  6. this looks fab, I love spicy and love Carribbean food, so have g+'d this so I can find it later! thank you!!

  7. You are welcome go easy with the spice for the first time I tend to not measure it so just sprinkle and then you can tinker with it the second time. x

  8. Thank you for the recipe. I've never made dumplings and these sound so easy! I like basmati rice too.

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