Monday, 2 April 2012

Warburtons Brioche French Flair From A British Baker

To review Warburtons is an easy job for me, I love Warburtons Toastie above all other sliced bread, I like the waxed paper that keeps it so fresh, the size of the slices and the soft and fresh good taste.

The Warburtons Squarish wraps review was fun, I made pizzas with them click the link to see, so I was more than happy to try the latest addition to the range which is a little continental flavour for breakfast.

These gorgeous goodies arrived just in time for the weekend.
What I love is that they Brioche Rolls  and Brioche Raisin Swirls are all individually wrapped, an important benefit for me. I often will only eat bakery products when they are fresh and not dried out, this happens especially when you have a teen son, who rips into packaging and leaves to dry out.
The Brioche rolls are soft, fresh and taste so light. We all had a try of everything, Paige normally refuses anything with fruit in and said the Raisin Swirls looked so good she wanted to try one, I think the créme patisserie filling was the incentive.
She adored the taste and thanks to Warburtons Paige now will be trying Hot Cross Buns for the first time this Easter as she loved the raisins.
Our favourite was the Chocolate Chip bread, mine was toasted with butter, it was so light, soft and the chocolate chips were sweet and smooth.
We will definitely be tucking in to these very soon, to give even greater incentive there is a 50p off coupon to try the new range on the Warburtons website.

Warburtons reveals its delicious new range of breakfast treats

Warburtons, Britain’s favourite family baker is launching a delicious NEW Brioche range; a selection of tasty continental classics that add a delicious European twist to your breakfast. Bursting with flavour, the new range can be enjoyed at home or on the go and is guaranteed to tantalise the taste buds.

Perfect for adults and kids, the new Warburtons Brioche range consists of five new products to suit any taste:

Warburtons Brioche Swirls
In both Original and Raisin, the Brioche Swirls come in a pack of six and are individually wrapped, so perfect for when you’re eating on-the-go. 
6-pack Warburtons Plain Brioche Swirls (RRP £1.89)
      6-pack Warburtons Brioche Raisin Swirls (RRP £1.89)

Warburtons Brioche Rolls
Warburtons Butter and Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls are also individually wrapped, making them a convenient and delicious treat for breakfast or a mid morning snack.
    8-pack Warburtons Plain Brioche Rolls (RRP £1.89)
      8-pack Warburtons Brioche Choc Chip Rolls (RRP £1.89)

Warburtons Brioche Chocolate Chip Loaf
The Warburtons Chocolate Chip Loaf is perfect for sharing and tastes great when toasted, so why not add your favourite topping for an extra special breakfast.
·        400g Warburtons Brioche Chocolate Chip Loaf (RRP of £2.15)

Whether you are a busy mum, looking for a simple breakfast treat for your children, or just looking for a tasty mid morning snack, our new range has something for everyone. They are wonderfully moist and full of flavour and can be enjoyed hot or cold, so perfect fora weekday breakfast or snack on-the-run.
If you’re looking for an extra special treat for the family this weekend, then why not try teaming Warburtons Brioche Choc Chip Loaf with tangy orange marmalade for a quick and easy breakfast treat that the whole family will love.


  1. The Brioche rolls look delicious. Thanks for turning me on to them.

  2. oh yum, they all look great

  3. Me and my kids have tried the plain brioche rolls and we loved them - toasted on the grill! I think I will buys some of the choc chip ones for a treat to have over Easter!

  4. Those swirls look lovely <3