Friday, 27 April 2012

Olive Oil Tasting Test

I have always fancied my palate to be discerning, I can tell Coke is the real thing, I can believe its not butter, so when I was asked to do a mystery taste test for olive oil one would be a premium single blend extra virgin and the other would be a refined olive oil, this means an oil mixed with several different olive varieties and having undergone a harsh chemical extraction and refining process, yuck sounds horrible already.

 I was up for the challenge.
I do use Olive Oil a lot, always try to buy a good one and as some of you know I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil it as part of my Slimming World diet. Its classed as a healthy Extra.

I set up the test as above, no blindfold for me, thank goodness really as I would have taken a terrible photograph.

I had a tasting guide to run through using my senses.


Well these two certainly look different A is a dark green yellow, B is almost colourless. I was already making my mind up, the richness of colour pointed to A being a good single squeezing of olives.


A was a rich fruity aroma, quite intense and reminded me of leafy vegetables, good ones. It definitely had an olive fragrance.
B well it smelt of absolutely nothing, I think I am on the right track here.


 I was instructed to use bread to dunk into the oil.
A again I could taste an olive flavour, rich, fruity and sweet. I do prefer it drizzled over food than tasting this way, but it was not unpleasant.
B well it tasted of absolutely zilch, it was bland, I had cleaned my palate with water and a little bread, so it was not trying the other first.

So A is the single variety, premium extra virgin olive oil in my opinion and B is the refined oil.
Hope I'm right and I get to find out once I have handed in my results, I will let you know.

As they say so irritatingly on X Factor, you can find out the results after the break......

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge for taste test purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. I just did this taste test too! Same result! We are true Olive Oil connoisseurs! xxx

  2. hehe. Yes I believe we are!!! xxx

  3. Looking forward to seeing if you were right!

  4. I'd have to agree with you by what you have said, hopefully the results will not be too long in coming, then we can rest easy.

    Where did you take the challenge?

  5. Hope to get the results soon. I musn't pick up any old olive oil at the supermarket then!

  6. sounds like fun - looking forward to the results

  7. olive oil, balasamic vinegar and crusty bread = heaven!

  8. I'd love to try this, I *think* I'd be able to tell the difference but not overly confident.