Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Good heavens! Drinking Yogurts Review- The New Indulgent Salted Caramel

Good heavens! is the perfect name for these tasty yogurt drinks.
The bottles are so attractive, I adore the labelling, the bright almost vintage look added a ray of sunshine to a cold and rainy day.
I was sent a selection of the flavours and my eye spotted two I was really keen to try, plus hide away as Conor was hanging around and said, "Please let me trial them for you, or at least open them when I'm back from college!"

Good Heavens was not the reply I wanted to give, but I was kind!   I promised I would let him try some, I did say they were for grown ups only, but as he towers above me, I felt I was losing the argument!

I had spotted the Fine Sicilian Lemon and Poppy Seed and the new Indulgent Salted Caramel flavour,  the new treat from the Good heavens dairy.

Now yogurt drinks can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes a little too thin, a bit too sour. I would rather have a bowl of yogurt,  so I just poured a little into a glass, I love salted caramel flavours, was not sure as a drink though.

I have to say the Salted Caramel is absolutely divine, its thick and creamy, the caramel taste is perfect, the slight hint of salt is balanced well by the sweetness.

If you are new to trying salted Caramel and maybe a bit hesitant about salt and sweet, then please take a risk, I do not like sweet and sour foods combinations, so took longer than most to try it. As Nigella Lawson describes much more passionately than me

“Not since the first infant suckled at its mother’s breast had a food had so much instant impact. If I’d been in a cartoon, my eyes would have bulged, stars would have emanated from my head and I would have been licking my saliva-spurting lips wolfishly.”

It does indeed have an amazing effect on your tastebuds, its confusing at first, but its a flavour that is just so right!

I could not save a single drop for Conor, it was just too tasty to leave. I greedily drank the rest from the bottle, the glass abandoned, this is not how I usually trial products, forgive me but it was so good.

I was quite sad when I had finished it as I wanted more, I can imagine it poured over ice cream, used with maybe cream cheese as a cake filling, even in cupcakes.

Conor needs to read this from Good heavens as an explanation as to why I did not save him any!

Good heavens! drinking yogurts, are sophisticated adult treats packed with all-natural ingredients – and which also happen to be probiotic and (mostly) low-fat.
Made by a small boutique dairy with over 20 year’s yogurt-making experience, the drinks are based on a traditional eastern Mediterranean recipe - a unique style of natural yogurt with a distinct ‘zingy’ tang. This is then gently blended with the finest of ingredients to create tasty drinking yogurts that also contain over 25% of an adult’s recommended calcium RDA.  
I did actually share the other flavours, the Sicilian lemon drinking yogurt was as I expected, zesty sweet and again I did not want to share, this is a favourite flavour in any food or drink for me.I controlled my urges and the rest of the family got to try the rest of the range, boy was it tough. I don't think I could ever share the Indulgent Salted Caramel though!

There are 6 non-organic and 4 organic flavours in all, with RRPs of £1.69/£2.10 respectively. For fruit lovers, there’s Luscious Strawberry (organic & non-organic variants), Succulent Blackcurrant, Refreshing Apple and Pear, Mellow Banana (organic) and the exotic Alphonso Mango and Passionfruit (organic). For those looking for different taste sensations, try Intense Tiramisu, Indulgent Salted Caramel, or the unique Fine Sicilian Lemon and Poppy Seed. For a simple, sweet, creamy flavour, there’s also Smooth Vanilla (organic).

 Indulgent Salted Caramel is a delicious drink and great care has been taken to ensure the quality of the ingredients that make it into each of the company’s drinking yogurts! For instance, the best pears are sourced from Italy, the finest blue English poppy seeds are used, while the Alphonso mango is considered to be the ultimate variety in its richness and flavour.

Each Good heavens! drinking yogurt is full of natural goodness and is satisfyingly filling. They’re ideal for anyone looking for an alternative mid-morning drink or afternoon treat - but who doesn’t want to reach for chocolate, a salty snack or fizzy drink.

 The drinks are now available in 230 Tesco Express and Metros – but other stockists include Selfridges; Harrods; Sourced Market (St. Pancras); Whole Foods Market; the Camden Food Company (8 London train stations, plus Birmingham and Leeds) and As Nature Intended.

Check out the Good heavens! Facebook page for news and giveaways too!/pages/Good-Heavens-Boutique-Dairy/137184629695742

Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge for review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. How strange salted caramel. Might have to give it a go just to see how the flavours work for me.
    I have to closely watch my salt intake but could gamble a liitle bit to try it, usually store it up for my monthly treat chips from the chip shop in the paper of course!

  2. I like the sound of the Apple and Pear flavour. I'll have to look out them next time I do a shop.

  3. Wow, I want to try the Tiramisu!! I love the little bottles too, they look like they should be stacked up in some sort of retro ice cream soda cafe :-)

  4. They look really delicious. I've seen salted caramel flavour everywhere but not in a yogurt - until now!

  5. salted caramel sounds amazing

  6. These look really interesting