Saturday, 21 April 2012

Brabantia Retro Union Jack 30 Litre Bin Review

I actually squealed with delight when my new Brabantia Retro Union Jack bin arrived. Sad I know, but for weeks I have been cursing my current bin, bought for its retro style and touch open lid, its been the bane of my life.
The touch feature packed up after just over a month, the bin is no longer sold and has a 28 day guarantee only. What looks nice on the outside, when opened to empty and clean has been a pain. The inside pail and bin itself has lots of nooks and crannies, why, I don't know, but I have had to try and clean with a toothbrush, tipping the bin upside down to try and get crumbs out and avoid the shower.
Out with the old and impractical, in with the new and very well made Brabantia bin.

Firstly its a Union Jack design, I feel very patriotic with my bin in the corner, I did feel a tad uncomfortable emptying teabags into a royal looking bin, but soon overcame this as needs must!

It brightens the corner of the kitchen and is unmissable. Conor walked in to the kitchen and on the way out nodded and said "Cool bin."  High praise indeed from a teen who nowadays takes a lot of impressing.

Paige's eyes  lit up and she said "Wow," that's the bin I want when I get a house"
Chris immediately started to open and close the bin and fiddle with it, I resisted the urge to slap his hands after all, I do get him to empty the bin.

Its a joy to use, a pedal opening which means no touching the nice shiny dome top, which I keep polishing. Bags made especially for the bucket came with it and they are strong and also feat neatly so there is no unsightly overhang.

The slow close 30 litre bin features a MotionControl Whisper lid where the lid opens with just a light pedal tap and closes smooth and quietly, so is easy on the ears and nerves if I have had one of those days!

When opened by hand the lid stays open, which is particularly handy if I am doing a lot of food prep and have waste to get rid of. Also good when changing the bucket, no more wrestling to hold bin open while needing two hands to wrestle a heavy bag out.

The bucket fits neatly inside and what is much more satisfying is the inside rim is smooth and easy to clean. There are no little ridges for food to say in so I feel its a lot more hygienic.

You may think I am a bit daft for raving about a bin, but it truly is a thing of clever design and beauty. Its really brightened the kitchen and has done away with me muttering about the other has bin!

Whats more its covered by a 10 year guarantee and here's to hoping our Queen is still about so we can celebrate her long reign and see lots more patriotic goodies!

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Disclosure: My post is based upon material provided free of charge (A Brabantia  Retro Union Jack 30L bin and bin bags) or review purposes. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated to promote the topic, product or service reviewed in this post.


  1. Its a beautiful bin a work of art !

  2. This bin would look lovely in my kitchen.

  3. Haha I think I am equally as daft because I have always wanted a posh Brabantia bin! Such a cool design too :)

  4. I'd love that bin in my kitchen - what a feature. Only thing would be having to clean the shiny top all the time, but that's only a small minor thing!

  5. Such a great idea for our Queen's special year. I'm so looking forward to celebrating her 60 years on the throne, we are really honoured to have her this long. Being a self confessed royalist, this bin would look great in my kitchen, well anything would look better tha the one I have at the moment, it was a flip top bin, but that somehow got broken one Saturday night when one of my older children "accidentally" stumbled in to it when he came home slightly worse for wear shall I say. Been looking for a cool design & think you might just have solved it for me.

  6. OOh I love it,still would love one even though the Queens special year is over.I am off to find one. Like the slow close feature. My old Brabantia is missing this.