Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wines for Mothers Day Review and Tasting Notes

I always like to try different wines, I always stare at them in the supermarket, wondering if I would like a particular new brand or grape.

The nice thing about reviewing wines is I get to try them and have found a whole new range of wines to enjoy.

Accolade sent me some of their extensive range to try for Mothers day and beyond, plus a handy guide on what to serve them with. See below.

The wine I would have picked in the supermarket is the Da Luca Pinot Grigio, I like the taste and know I like it with most foods. Its also on special offer at Waitrose 2 for £10.

I was sent the Nottage Hill Chardonnay, its a lovely wine to have with lunch, I loved it with Brie and crackers, I believe it would be great with chicken. Its lighter than I thought, I imagine oak based wines to be more robust, heavier, similar to oak based reds.
I thought the fruity hints were peaches, melon and maybe a sharp citrus fruit like grapefruit.

I was sent a Hardys Crest Chardonnay Sparkling Rose, this is lovely for a special dinner, I always try for a bit of fizz! I have had a couple of glasses of this rose before and I love that unlike most rose wines it has a drier taste, not as sweet. It is great to drink on its own, or with nibbles too.

The red, a Stowells Tempranillo  was tried last night, its sweeter than I have tried before and as such I like it more, curious as I prefer dry white wines. the guide says good with chocolate and it tasted even better with Maltesers. For review purposes of course!

It’s soon time to celebrate that special woman in all our lives. Treat your mum this Mother’s Day to a glass of wine from our exceptional range, whether you’re cooking her a special dinner or cuddling up at home while watching your favourite family films.

With spring just around the corner though there’s more than mums to celebrate. As we say goodbye to cold winter nights and watch the mercury rise over the
next few months, why not sample a range of lighter wines and whites for the new season?

Enjoy your first picnic of the year with a glass of Pinot Grigio or try a Cabernet Merlot as you tuck into a succulent lamb roast.

Tasting Notes and Serving Suggestions:


Hardys Nottage Hill Chardonnay

Enjoy a glass of Hardys Nottage Hill Chardonnay with your mother on this special day. Its toasty oak base adds to a host of citrus characters giving a great flavour and lingering finish. A delicious pairing to salads and light lunches.

Widely available. RRP £7.99

Da Luca Pinot Grigio

This dry, elegant wine has soft, ripe tropical notes to leaving you excited for the new season. Sip this wine whilst enjoying an evening of chatter with friends.

Available from Waitrose. RRP £6.99


Hardys Crest

Savour the bubbling flavours of Hardys Crest Chardonnay Sparkling Rose as you toast this Mother’s Day. With tropical fruit flavours and a crisp tangy finish, this wine is best shared with friends and family and is always a fabulous choice for a celebration.

Available from Tesco RRP £13.99

Banrock Sparkling Shiraz Rose
The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, this sparkling rosé works perfectly as a standalone aperitif before a meal, or as an interesting dessert choice. Best served with a light, red fruit desert such as pavlova or fruit tart.
Available from Waitrose. RRP £8.99

Lighter Options 

Banrock Station Light Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc
This crisp blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc has fresh melon, succulent pear and zingy apricot aromas. At only 5.5 per cent alcohol it is the perfect accompaniment to spring picnics and tasty fruit salads. This light wine contains only one unit and 56 calories to the 125ml glass yet does not compromise on taste.

 Available from Tesco. RRP £5.45

Banrock Station Pink Moscato

Banrock Station Pink Moscato displays fresh, aromatic notes of citrus and melon with a touch of sherbet and musk. Serve chilled with red velvet cupcakes, baked especially for your mum. 

Available from Tesco. RRP £5.45

Stowells Cabernet Merlot

This medium bodied wine has fruit forest flavours of black cherry and blackcurrant with a hint of mint that pairs excellently with a spring lamb roast dinner.

Available from independent outlets. RRP £5.49

 Stowells Tempranillo
With Easter just around the corner a glass of Stowells Tempranillo is the perfect accompaniment to chocolate treats. Whether it’s a milk chocolate egg or selection box, this full bodied wine is bursting with morello cherry flavours, perfect for a sweet tooth.

Available from Asda and convenience outlets. RRP £5.49

Hardys Nottage Hill Cabernet Shiraz

This Cabernet Shiraz works perfectly with lamb casseroles or chops. Why not serve with orzo pasta and roasted vegetables?

Available from Independent outlets. RRP £7.99.

An alternative...

Ginger Joe

This thirst-quenching, alcoholic ginger beer is both a light and refreshing choice on a spring evening. With subtle, yet spicy, ginger notes this tangy tipple complements fiery curries but is best served straight-up over mountains of ice – sip or swallow.
Available from Tesco Superstores and Extras plus


  1. Love the sound of the alcholic ginger beer. Love it in the summer!

  2. The ginger beer sounds nice, so do the sparkling ones

  3. Thanks for the review. I'd like to try the Banrock Station Moscato.

  4. I love the colour of the Pink Moscato!
    Well done for enduring the Maltesers in order to see how well they went with the wine.