Monday, 26 March 2012

A Tasty Way To Five-A-Day With New Apple and Pineapple BEAR Yo Yo’s

Paige and Conor were very happy to see the Bear Yo Yo's, the Pure Fruit Rolls were a favourite in packed lunches and for snacks. I bought them for the five a day benefits, its an easier option than blackening bananas and fruit that was often left. We received a strawberry Yo Yo and the two newest additions to the Bear range.

My two have always loved their fruit and veg, the Yo Yo's just made eating one of them like a sweet treat. They are still bought for packed lunches and snacking.

After trying the new Pineapple and Apple, I can say the  pineapple is absolutely gorgeous, its a fruit I eat lots of and the flavour of the Yo Yo is exactly as you expect it to taste. Paige tried the apple and said its like a red apple flavour, really juicy.

With Brits ranked near the bottom of the table when it comes to eating fruit and vegetables in a recent review of eating habits across the EU*, Fruit Yo Yo’s from BEAR are an easy and tasty option for all the family in helping them get their five-a-day. 

New Apple and Pineapple BEAR Yo Yo’s are dried fruit rolls made from 100% pure fruit – nothing but baked nature with absolutely no added sugar, preservatives or stabilisers.  BEAR snarls at sulphites and growls at gumming agents, so parents can rest assured that they are giving their little ones a treat that is not only a healthy alternative but tastes grrrrreat too!

Each BEAR Yo Yo contains 27 calories, is fat free and packed full of filling fibre, making it perfect for a kid’s lunchbox or as a snack for growling tums everywhere!

Also, tucked away in each pack BEAR Yo Yo’s is an ‘animal families’ nature fact card which will undoubtedly get kids excited about the grrrrreat outdoors.  With 75 fact cards to collect – what are you waiting for?

BEAR Yo Yo’s are now available from most major supermarkets in six flavours: new apple and pineapple, plus raspberry, peach, blueberry and strawberry. 
 RRSP £0.49 for a 20g pack or £2.99 for a multi-pack (5 x 20g packs).


  1. Wow, you can't get many things that are only 27 cals these days! :)

    I love pineapple too <3

  2. My kids love Yo Yos.

  3. I'll be trying this with my DD. always looking for new healthy treats as distractions