Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rocky Fizzy Cola bars

A strange occurrence took place in our house when trying these new bars from Rocky. We all changed place on what we first thought they would be like. Paige and Conor love cola and Rocky have been a constant for pack ups and picnics, based on the fact there will always be one lurking in the fridge calling to me.
I am not a cola lover, I drink it on rare occasions when extremeley thirsty, it has to be ice cold and from a newly opened bottle so its at its fizziest. (I know fussy!) Chris never drinks it.

So I was kind of hoping the younger members would review these and I would have an obligatory nibble.

Paige wasn't keen, I was quite surprised to hear it, not sure why, she just said she did not like the taste.
With that weird compulsion to try something somebody says is not so good, I had to try one.
As I unwrapped it I could detect a cola fragrance, it was not unpleasant, so I took a bite.

I  can taste lime I'm sure, if I was not told what this bar was flavoured with, I would describe it as those delicious bright green chocolate limes, which happen to be a favourite, all things citrus, I'm there.
The chocolate is good and the cola flavour I can smell, but I detect lime. Chris tried one without knowing what they were and as he nibbled he was trying to describe what he tasted. After a bit, I said Chocolate Limes? (Sorry to Rocky bars) and he said "Yes, thats it, its gorgeous!" So then I said its cola really and he said "How strange I taste lime, but now you mention it I can smell cola!"

I will be buying them again. They are lovely.

Rocky is the biscuit for the ‘get up and go generation’, People who aim to push boundaries and fill their lives with as much enjoyment as they can. This year, thrill seeking biscuit fans everywhere will be able to experience Rocky on a whole new level, thanks to the brand new limited edition Rocky Fizzy Cola bar.

Forget classic combinations like strawberries and cream and rhubarb and custard, in 2012 there’s a new flavour combination in town – chocolate and cola! This new bar has all the punch and chocolate crunch of the Rocky that we all know and love, but with the additional treat of sweet, tongue-tingling Cola. Rocky Fizzy Cola is bound to be the ultimate biscuit for all the daredevils out there!

The new limited edition, individually wrapped bar is perfect for an exciting day out, a tasty snack on the go, or as an extra special surprise in a school lunchbox.
The launch of Rocky Fizzy Cola will mean that the world of biscuits never be the same again! Let the adventure begin by picking up your own Rocky Fizzy Cola at supermarkets nationwide for an RRP of £1.59.


  1. I like Rocky bars. Will try the new flavour out.

  2. ooh, how very unusual! Will keep a look out in the shops for them, intrigued now...lol.

  3. Intriguing! I love Coke but don't like chocolate limes so not sure whether these will be for me but I will try!!

  4. love rockys and love fizzy cola sweets so think i will probably like this !

  5. If you ever need someone to pull an ugly face, just hand them one of these.
    They are disgusting! Just because the 2 flavours Chocolate, and Cola taste nice on their own, does NOT mean that they'll taste doubly as nice together!
    Brilliant trick or treats though if you wanna get rid of them.. hehehe

  6. This must be the most gross biscuit i have ever eaten!!!!
    sorry folks but i love the original - but cola yuk! - this must of been thought up by a 5 year old!
    why can't they invent something that is edible and yummy - like a peanut butter one

  7. This is really bring out extreme reactions, I have removed the insulting anons though.