Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Now at the risk of getting slapped by an easily offended Mum, this present should make a useful and unique Mothers day present,  especially if like me she wants nice toned arms without pumping iron or going to the gym.

I was sent a Powerspin and have been spinning while I watch TV. Its a circular tube, weighted steel ball spin that spins, reminds me of a child's toy steering wheel and the first day I tried it, (once I got into a rhythm with it) I certainly felt my muscles burn! I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to the 'Feel the burn'  system, so I did not do it for more than probably 30 seconds at a time. I picked it up at various times through the day.

The next morning I certainly felt the effects and have been regularly picking it up and playing. It really does feel easy,  I have seen a definite change in my arms and the wrist I have some weakness in, seems stronger, handy for walking a strong dog.

 You can choose a full 10-minute workout or simply pick it up several times throughout the day and spin for 30-60 seconds.

Its easy to use and the effects are fab, I don't have wingo bins as my husband keeps calling them, but having lost all the excess weight I was carrying around, I want to concentrate on getting the new slim me into shape for sleeveless tshirts for summer.

There are further exercises to found on the Powerspin site that work other areas too, I want to get to grips with my tummy next. Take a look at the video for how easy it is.

Powerspin® is the complete arm workout device which targets the biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists. Used for just minutes each day, "bingo wings" don’t stand a chance! It's unique non-impact motion also helps tone the shoulders, chest, abs and glutes.

No need to change into your gym gear either; you can Powerspin® while watching TV, cooking the dinner, reading a book or simply whenever you can fit in a quick one-minute exercise session - it all adds up to making your arms and abs stronger, leaner, firmer... more toned.

Powerspin® has wide ranging appeal - you'll just as likely be fighting to get it back from your husband as you will your kids - everyone loves the simple, addictive feeling they get trying to spin the ball around the tube - exercise has never been this much fun!

Small, neat and compact, you can take Powerspin® with you anywhere so there’ll never be an excuse for not having beautifully toned arms and abs where ever in the world you might find yourself!


  1. my bingo wings could definately do with attention but the rest of me is rather wobbly too! Think I need a body spin!

  2. could do with trying this - never seen it before!

  3. I could do with this... I've tried loads of creams to try and melt away the fat on my arms, but I think now I am going to have to actually put some effort in hehe :)

  4. A great idea for a present (for me!) I like the idea of using the Powerspin whereever you are.