Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pack up a picnic with Girlstravelclub!

I just spotted blue sky today after torrential rain and after the weekends rain and snow I am delighted to see it back. I am missing being out for long walks and most of all picnics.
Our picnics are quite epic, Chris turned a wheeled crate into a table, to make teas and coffee on. We have a picnic trolly with cool pocket. My pride and joy is a Fortnum and Masons wicker basket that is stowed away for romantic outdoor eating.
We visit the Ideal Home and Good Food shows always coming back with handy accessories to use for our picnics. I can also get some fab items online too.
Girlstravelclub offered me a taste of their range, possibly the smallest item I have ever reviewed but one of the handiest for picnics.  A Coghlan's backpacker's salt and pepper shaker

Whats great is the fact that its small enough to store in the picnic basket its airtight and moisture proof. We have until now taken our kitchen salt and pepper pots which are usually cling filmed but often spill or get damp. This neat little product is only £2.50.

Wine glasses are a must on a picnic if out for the day. But glassware does not mix with baskets and being lugged along a beach or across a meadow. I was sent a rather clever glass it has a screw on stem and after the picnic the base pops into the glass bowl, this is very safe after a day out, no chance of a stem being snapped.
Finally you do need somewhere to sit, we have climbed down sea cliffs to get to a deserted beach and trekked across fields to find a nice spot, but it means taking our chairs is not always possible and getting a level area can be a struggle. A picnic blanket is a must.
These waterproof  Reisenthel designs are gorgeous a lovely dotty design and striped ones make your seating area, dry and bright.
Its lightweight, folds away in a little bag so easily transported to and on the way back.

I'm back with a Girlstravelclub giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Spring is on its way so thoughts naturally turn to picnics and the joys of outdoor eating, and this season has everything you need to enjoy the al fresco lifestyle, including some unbelievably compact solutions!
 You can keep your goodies cool with one of their best-selling insulated lunch and picnic bags in a co-ordinating red or grey spotty pattern, and there are even ponchos to match should the heavens open.
Never break a wine glass again! GTC's BPA-free plastic folding wine and champagne glasses are an ingenious solution for those who like to drink their wine out of a real-feel glass, not the flimsy plastic tumblers that are so often the only option at outdoor events. The stem of the glass unscrews and clips neatly into the bowl for easy storage, slipping neatly into a coat pocket or handbag (from £6.99).
Enamel mugs and plates (from £5.99) in a folksy style are ideal for a relaxed cup of tea and a sandwich, and of course no outdoor meal would be complete without a dash of salt and pepper from an-oh-so-cute wooden toadstool cruet set. (£4.49). There are also Moomin flasks to keep your tea superheated and citronella candles to keep those bugs at bay.


  1. A good idea but can't say that i am ever resourceful enough to take salt and pepper when I go for a picnic

  2. Some great ideas for a hassle-less picnic.

  3. I've always loved those melamine bowls with the sweets/crisps etc on the inside! And I've ALWAYS wanted a wicker picnic basket since I saw them in books when I was little lol! Very envious now! Hope you are able to use it for lots of romantic picnics!

  4. I love the look of the bowls too. Aww hope you get a wicker basket soon, check out EBay there are a few on there

  5. the wine glasses that can be taken apart are great !