Saturday, 31 March 2012


I love crisps and when a brand decide to make them more healthy, I am dubious, a few of my favourites have just not retained the taste they had before.
So when Kettle asked me to try the new Baked Crisps, I did wonder if they would taste as fab as the Kettle Chips I love.

I have a couple of what I consider treat bags of crisps and Kettles are amongst them.

Eating lower fat and calorie snacks is always going to have a draw for me, the weight I have lost, is important to me to maintain not just for the 6 months so far, but for life. I still want a treat now and then, so I had high hopes.

So I set up my lunch and tried them, I love them, the crisps are thick, brilliantly crunchy, they taste as you want a crisp to taste. The seasoning is perfect, I particularly loved the Sea Salted flavour, I had a job not to add more to my lunch.
The crushed black pepper gave a lovely spicy touch to the other new recipe, great on their own.

So a Kettles have launched two great packets of crisps and they are healthy. Yay it will be a great summer snack for picnics without feeling naughty!

Why compromise on taste just because you want to consume less calories?  We are all used to settling for second best when it comes to low calorie food but now the makers of delicious KETTLE® Chips have launched KETTLE® Baked Crisps, which contain fewer than 90 calories and less than 10% fat per 20g serving. 

They are available in two varieties - ‘Sea Salted’ and ‘Sea Salt & Crushed Black Pepper’.  In keeping with the KETTLE® ethos, Baked Crisps are made simply by slicing select potatoes, then baking them for a lighter, crispier texture, before seasoning. They have absolutely no hidden nasties such as added MSG, artificial colours or flavours.

KETTLE® Chef, Chris Barnard comments “Watching what we eat is something we all do from time to time, but it shouldn’t be about punishment.  Baked not fried means our new Baked Crisps are the perfect new snack for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their waistline, but doesn’t want to compromise on taste”.

A healthier way to enjoy sharing crisps, KETTLE® Baked Crisps are perfect for a night in with a DVD, catching up with friends over a glass of wine, or as a snack just for you to enjoy any time of the day with less guilt. There’s no longer any need to compromise on taste when choosing the lower fat option.

The new KETTLE® Baked Crisps will be launched exclusively in Waitrose from 26th March 2012, priced £1.69 per 80g bag.


  1. would be interested to try these as love kettle crisps but they are pretty high in calories!

  2. These sound lovely, I will definitely be looking out for these!

  3. i love kettle chips must try these!

  4. Mmmm yum, I adore crisps, and the saltier the better! These sound fab! :)

  5. I'll definitely give these a go. Love Sea Salt flavours.

  6. I love kettle chips and these look great.

  7. Not seen these yet, but they sound yummy so I'm going to look out for them.

  8. Yummy... I cannot wait! Kettle crisps are the best thing with sliced bread! :D

  9. I love Kettle crisps :) This is really good news