Wednesday, 14 March 2012


If you’re stuck for ideas on how to show your love and appreciation to your mum this Mother’s Day then LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics can help out. This year sees the launch of some fantastic brand new inventions to spoil mum rotten on her special day. Each are made with the finest ingredients and essential oils (only the best for mums), are not tested on animals and have minimal preservatives and packaging – so kind to Mother Earth as well!


Introducing a selection of Lush’s innovative re-usable bubble bar wands especially for mum – all are on sticks, so easy to swish around the bathtub creating masses of skin softening, beautifully scented bubbles. Then place on the side and allow it to dry, ready to use again and again and again (you can get up to six baths out of each one). Tell your mum to put her feet up while you run her a nice warm bath, swish her chosen bubble bar around in the water, then tell her to enjoy a nice long soak while you do the washing up!

There are three to choose from, one for every type of mum … but to be on the safe side you should probably get all three! The fragrances are the same as Lush’s new Bubbleroon, bubble bars:

Mum re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … short for chrysantheMUM, these are a quirky alternative for mums who would prefer a lovely, hot, relaxing bath to flowers. The re-useable bubble bar mix is pressed into the shape of a flower and presented on a stick. Scented with an uplifting blend of orange, lime and juniper berries, the fragrance is reminiscent of a freshly mown lawn.

She’ll also like: the Green bubbleroon / Grass shower gel / No Drought dry shampoo

Mum Tulip re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … this year we’ve got tulips as well as chrysanthemums for mum, tulips are also an emblem for International Women’s Day in Russia so the perfect choice really. This one is scented with a delicious chocolate orange fragrance, with light grapefruit and bergamot oils to help lift the spirit, while the cocoa and tonka bring warmth and comfort to the heart.

She’ll also like: Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon / Whipstick lip balm / Orange Blossom perfume

Madame Butterfly re-useable bubble bar wand (£4.95) … a pretty pink butterfly fragranced with gorgeous rose absolute and rose oil, which are also both fantastic on the skin. There’s a hint of lemon and Egyptian geranium oil to help balance the skin, whilst the cocoa and shea butters will leave mum feeling smooth and soft.

She’ll also like: Rose Jam bubbleroon / Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner / Imogen Rose perfume / Rose Queen bath ballistic

Another NEW invention - Solid Washing Up Liquid:

The Washing Up Fairy (£3.75) Patent pending (the world’s first solid washing up liquid)… a magical Pink and Green fairy to swish around the kitchen sink to wash your dishes and soften your mitts.

Following on from our crusade against people washing their hands with washing up liquid at the sink, we’ve made this lovely unpackaged, unpreserved, solid washing up wand so you can be the washing up fairy, while mum puts her feet up this Mother’s Day. Follow the instructions on the stick – ‘Put your feet up, I’ll wash up tonight mum’ – and simply fill the sink with water, swirl this lemon scented, hand softening washing up fairy wand around and she’ll create lots of bubbles. Then leave her on the side to dry and re-use again and again (she’ll last for around eight washes).


Putty for Your Hands hand cleanser (£5.95) … ideal for hard working mums who have dry, cracked, sore hands. This is an incredibly softening cleanser, made with an effective, traditional, completely natural remedy using beautiful ingredients to soothe, soften and help repair sore skin. There’s an abundance of skin softening ingredients such as shea butter and marshmallow mucilage, while cornflower and talc allow smooth application. There’s also a dash of the skin saving, antiseptic oils used in Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser. Seeing as there’s no surfactant in it, it won’t foam up like soap, but it will form a gentle wash to cleanse hands and leave them feeling transformed. Keep a chunk by the sink for use whenever hands need a little extra TLC.


Mamma Mia (£19.95) … a gift for busy mums who don’t have the time to take a relaxing bath, but would appreciate an indulgent selection of treats nonetheless. It contains a selection of hand care products, including the new Washing Up Fairy reusable bubble bar wand to look after the hands that do the dishes and the environment all at the same time, as there’s no plastic bottle needed here. There’s also our Tiny Hands solid hand serum to deeply moisturise and repair sore and cracked skin and Lemony Flutter cuticle butter completes the triplet of hand care armoury.
Contents: Tiny Hands Hand Serum, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (trial size), Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (45g), Sultana of Soap, Washing Up Fairy reusable solid washing up liquid.

Happy Mother’s Day tin (£28.95) … a gorgeous tin containing a selection of bath-time treats for mum to lock herself away in the bathroom with for some serious me time! The Lush tins are turning into collectables and are great to store all your products in after you’ve gone through the contents – this one is inspired by the bright colour of all the wonderful new re-usable Bubble Bar wands and makes the perfect showcase for them all. With the Tulip and Madame Butterfly wands inside, along with five other year round favourites, mum can get over 20 baths from this selection tin!

Contents: Tulip and Madame Butterfly reusable bubble bars, Pop in the Bath bubble bar, Butterball bath ballistic, You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt, Amandopondo bubble bar and Think Pink bath ballistic.


The Validation Facial (£75.00 for one hour – plus consultation time) … treat mum to this natural facial that will not only leave her skin feeling wonderful, but will leave her total being feeling wonderful as well … she will feel validated. Tailor made to her skin type, this facial is like none other – words combine with music, which merge with movement as the therapist sweeps her hands over the face like the waves of the special accompanying musical composition. Everything is designed to facilitate a surreal journey of self-discovery where mum will emerge happier and more confident, with glowing skin.

CDs are also available with music from all the SPA treatments(£10.00).

Lush products, including Spa vouchers, can be purchased at any Lush shop in the UK, for shop details or mail order call 01202 668 545 or order online at


  1. Aww, the butterfly wand is gorgeous! I got a Snow Fairy star wand for Christmas but the star had fallen off the stick when I unwrapped it, not quite sure what to do now!! :-/

  2. Putty for Your Hands hand cleanser - I'd love to get some of that. I've always got cracked, sore hands.