Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Kent & Fraser Review

I am always slightly wary of gluten free and 'free from' products, I have had a few good ones, but certain products have been well dare I say it 'free from taste.

Not so the Kent and Fraser biscuits I was recently sent to try. In fact so tasty are they they won Four (2011) Great Taste Awards! A hard task for any product let alone a gluten free wheat free, soya free and egg free biscuit, often considered to be lacking in taste.

The care that goes into these goodies starts in the packaging. Lovely pastel boxes with a little window so you can spy on the treat that awaits inside. 

I was sent some of the range to try.
I started with the Sussex Farmers biscuits, a blend of Cheddar cheese and mustard with Parmesan.
They are not crisp like I expected, they are melt in the mouth, a creamy tasting cheese biscuit. Its lovely with a few slices of cheese and a glass of white wine.

I was so naughty when it got to testing the Vanilla Butter crunch, I was this time fooled again as I had tasted the Sussex Farmer biscuits, I expected a melting type texture. But these have a harder crisp and as they are called crunch.
The vanilla and buttery taste was so good, I was half way through the box, before I gave myself a mental nudge.
They are incredible for a 'free from' biscuit'

I had a days break before forcing myself to go on this arduous taste test!!

My next biscuit was the Chocolate Butter Crunch. Again the lovely hard bite and then the chocolate taste was good, the buttery flavour apparent, such a good chocolate biscuit.

 Here is a look at my little dessert made with two of the bicuits and a lovely Kellys Cornish ice cream, delicious!

Kent and Fraser are setting new standards in the ‘free from’ aisles with their range of incredibly delicious, gluten-free biscuits, cookies
and shortbread.

Award-winning bakers Kent and Fraser are revitalising the ‘free from’ shelves with their naturally delicious gluten-free cookies, biscuits and shortbread. Already an award-winning range and a firm favourite with foodies and those with food intolerance's alike, their absolute commitment to fine ingredients, quality, taste and texture have raised the bar and have set new standards in the ‘free from’ marketplace.
Dedicated to using real ingredients for real flavour, Kent and Fraser’s gluten-free range has won prestigious awards since launching in 2009. Big on taste and quality, there is a clear passion behind combining good old-fashioned recipes with surprising contemporary twists and the results speak for themselves in a range of irresistible cookies, biscuits and shortbread that are naturally delicious, gluten free, wheat free, soya free and egg free.
Mixing the science of blending ingredients and the art of baking has resulted in a range that is free from lots of things but most certainly not free from taste. These indulgently delicious shortbread, biscuits and cookies set new and higher standards in the world of ‘free-from’ baked goods and this delicious range will have you coming back for more.

Kent & Fraser’s Spicy Ginger Crunch − a crunchy combination of sugar and spice made from real stem ginger, and Chocolate Chip Cookies − a delicious mix of fresh and creamy butter, muscovado sugar and a generous smattering of rich, delicious  chocolate chips, are the ideal gluten-free lunch-box filler or tasty midday snack.

Kent & Fraser’s fabulous tasting sweet biscuits are perfect when paired with a cup of tea and come in a choice of pure Madagascan Vanilla Butter Crunch or dark cocoa Rich
Chocolate Butter Crunch. Both flavours are gluten and wheat free and better still, contain no eggs and no soya.

Indisputably delicious, Kent and Fraser’s Vanilla and Walnut and Lemon Butter shortbread have that perfect quality of richness, true flavour and melt-in-your-mouth sweet indulgence - it is truly difficult to eat just one. Both varieties are free from gluten, wheat, egg and soya.

Savoury Biscuits
Made with an artisan cheese and tangy wholegrain mustard, Kent and Fraser’s Sussex Farmer’s savoury biscuits are totally irresistible and have a rich, stand-out flavour that is deliciously distinct.
The award-winning Stilton and Walnut is beautifully British and the
flavours blend together to create a rich biscuit that is unique and delightfully satisfying.

Kent and Fraser’s founder John Selby, says:
“Traditionally gluten-free food has been focused more on functionality than flavour which is a real trade off. Our aim is to develop deliciously clever gluten-free and wheat free cookies, biscuits and shortbread that are perfect in texture, made from 100% natural produce and most importantly taste fantastic. Our dedicated ‘Love Good Food’ team spend much of their time developing new recipes and flavour combinations, baking, testing and experimenting
with the very best ingredients to bring our customers the most delicious products in the marketplace.

We are delighted to announce that from September 2011, selected Waitrose stores are stocking a good choice of their products in their Free From aisles. We are especially pleased
by this news as we know well that they love good food as much as we do!”

The Kent and Fraser range is available in Harrods, Selfridges, Lakeland and all good fine food stores,
independent delis and health food stores across the UK.
www.kentandfraser.com for further information on the full range and recipe ideas.


  1. Cookies and biscuits are my downfall and these sound lovely! Loving the icecream sandwich! Going to have to go and find some sort of substitute for them in my cupboard now, I think I only have boring Rich tea though!!

  2. The cheese biscuits sound very tasty.

  3. The shortbread sounds amazing