Monday, 26 March 2012

Holland Barrett's Easter Eggs Sugar Free

I am so glad that chocolate lovers who cannot often eat it because of an intolerance to sugar, dairy can tuck in this Easter. Holland and Barrett have a really good range to choose form, the one that caught my eye is the new white chocolate.

I was sent some to try and am seriously taken aback again from what I used to term free from taste foods. The chocolate is creamy sweet and kids will adore it.
I now look forward to trying foods for food intolerances. Holland Barrett have not suprisingly won awards with some of these eggs.

Have an egg-ceedingly good Easter with sugar-free chocolate eggs

With Easter just around the corner, it can be hard to resist seasonal chocolate treats if you have a sweet tooth.
This Easter you can indulge in Holland and Barrett’s guilt free Easter treats with a sugar free Easter Egg as part of their 'free from' range.

Providing treats for people with special dietary needs including those with allergens or intolerance's to dairy, gluten, wheat and egg, the leading health food retailer has also ensured that individuals with a preference for chocolate with a Low GI are also catered for.
Suitable for vegetarians, the tasty range of eggs includes a creamy sugar free milk chocolate egg and a gluten, wheat and dairy free dark chocolate egg.

Not forgetting the Easter bunny's biggest fans, kids can also tuck into delicious alternatives to milk, and now white (new for 2012), chocolate eggs, which are free from dairy, wheat, gluten and egg!

Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with 6 chocolate discs - 125g egg only £3.99
If you’re partial to dark chocolate delight, now you can tuck into this dairy free Easter egg. Suitable for vegetarians, the egg is 60% cocoa solids and has a clean aftertaste.
Suitable for individuals following a dairy free, wheat free, gluten free
or egg free diet and also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with 6 chocolate discs - 125g egg only £3.99
If you are looking for a sugar free alternative to your usual Easter treat, you can indulge in this new milk chocolate egg and save on calories. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, this sugar free milk chocolate egg doesn’t lose its rich creamy flavour or smooth texture substituting sugar content for a reduced calorie sweetener.
Suitable for individuals following a sugar free, reduced net carbs or
low glycemic index diet.

Children’s Dairy Free alternative to Milk Chocolate egg with 6 discs – 125g only £3.99
If your little ones usually have to be cautious about which tasty treats they enjoy, you can now have peace of mind as they tuck in to Holland and Barrett’s Dairy Free alternatives to Milk and White chocolate eggs!

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the Milk Chocolate alternative
is made from cocoa beans, sugar and non dairy ingredients, a cocoa based alternative to conventional chocolate which offers a delicious option for children with allergies or
intolerance to milk, gluten, wheat and egg.

Children’s Dairy Free alternative to White Chocolate egg with buttons - only £3.49
New for 2012 and priced at a purse friendly £3.49, the white chocolate egg also contains white chocolate buttons, which will encourage your little ‘uns to get involved in the egg hunt this year!

It’s amazing taste has seen it shortlisted for the Freefrom Food Awards 2012 and unbelievably it is dairy, gluten, wheat and egg free and also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Holland and Barrett’s Nutritionist, Kate Butler, says; “Most people think of Easter as an unhealthy time of year, but by providing our customers with chocolate that is free from sugar, wheat and dairy, it means we can offer them a healthier alternative to their usual
Easter treats.

“As the high street’s only dedicated dietary specialists, we encourage customers to come in and discuss their needs with our trained staff, as we have something suitable for everyone.”

Containing no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and priced from just £3.49 each, these free from Easter Eggs will be available in Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.


  1. As someone who's trying to get low GI foods this is great! I'd never heard of sugar free easter eggs.

  2. Thank you - my mum is diabetic and I find it a real struggle to find sugar free/low sugar chocolate for her! I never thought of Holland and barratts! With regard to Gluten Free - I tried some gluten free bread once and it was horrible - so dry even though the 'use by' date was far off! I even tried toasting it but it still tasted horrible - never again! But that is my personal opinion. I do like sugar free chocolate though and I must say there is little difference in the taste! (my opinion again - I think we all have different taste buds!) Thanks for the review!

  3. I am yet to try good gluten free bread, the biscuits and well sweet stuff is lovely.

  4. They do look yummy and good value too! I would love to try them to see whether I could tell the difference :)

  5. These look really great. I love a lot of Holland & Barrett`s things.

  6. look great if your looking for somethging thats sugar or dairy free etc

  7. Didn't manage to catch them in the shop or online :-(