Monday, 12 March 2012

Heinz Barbecue Sauces

New Heinz ‘Classic’ and ‘Sticky’ Barbecue Sauces are set to transform tea-times.
I seem to be pleasing all my family with this weeks reviews, Chris got coffee, Conor got Yu Bars and Paige who is newly into barbecue sauce gets this treat.

She has been pouring bbq sauce on lots of foods lately and she spotted these two bottles straight away.

The sauce is lovely and thick, great for chips, great as a sandwich sauce too. A hit with my daughter and the rest of us.

Here is a fab recipe to spice up beans on toast.

Ultimate BBQ Beans on Toast

Serves: 4
Serve these barbecue
beans with sausages as
an alternative

1 large onion, finely chopped
100g thick cut smoked back bacon, trimmed of fat
and cut into lardons
1 tbsp vegetable oil
800g Heinz Reduced Salt and Sugar Baked Beanz
3 tbsp Heinz Classic Barbecue sauce
20g tortilla chips, crushed
60g reduced fat hard cheese, grated
6 slices of wholemeal bread, toasted
Fry the onions and bacon in the oil until golden.
Add the Heinz Baked Beanz with Heinz Classic
Barbecue sauce and heat through.
Meanwhile mix the crushed tortilla chips with the cheese.
Top the toast with the beans followed by the tortillas
and cheese and place under a preheated medium grill
until melted and golden.

Heinz is ensuring the unreliable British weather doesn’t dampen spirits by introducing new members of the Heinz sauce family which can be enjoyed all year round - Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce and Heinz Sticky Barbecue Sauce.

The average UK family only holds ten Barbecue occasions per year, so it made sense for the experts at Heinz to release these two lip-smacking sauces alongside creative and fun recipes to help families to recreate barbecue flavours in the home all year round. Drawing on the essence of the barbecue occasion, these smooth sauces bring a tantalising depth to a whole host of family dishes.

New Heinz Barbecue Sauces have been made with families in mind, they’re easy to use and can be used in a variety of tasty meals. No longer just for burgers and barbecues, Heinz Barbecue Sauces add a squeeze of excitement and tongue-tingling taste to every meal - particularly chicken dishes, which the sauces complement beautifully.

Both the ‘Classic’ and ‘Sticky’ sauces have been created to be thick enough to dip your favourite foods in, yet light enough to be used in mouth watering marinades. Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce is rich and smokey, perfect for dipping, whereas Heinz Sticky Barbecue Sauce has a gloriously thick texture and Summery flavour, and immediately gives a welcome lift to meals like marinated chicken pieces.

 “The emphasis has been on keeping it simple and fun”, says Sally Burtonwood, Heinz Brand Manager, “Barbecue sauce is something we’ve all tried and enjoyed when out and about, but now new Heinz Barbecue Sauce allows families to enjoy the taste at home. Designed with Mums in mind, this yummy sauce makes it easy to create quick dishes that will have the whole family asking for a second helping!”

Marinade, dip and cook with Heinz Barbecue Sauce ‘Classic’ or ‘Sticky’ to bring some excitement to tea time. Heinz Barbecue Sauces will sit perfectly in your kitchen cupboard alongside your other Heinz condiments.

For fun and simple, mouth-watering recipe ideas such as Sticky Barbecue Ribs, Ultimate Barbecue Beans  or Marinated Chicken Wings go to  


  1. I like the recipe idea. This is a product I will now add to my shopping list for us to try.

  2. Ohhhh might have to try your bbq bean on toast recipe!!!! I have some Heinz Classic bbq sauce in the cupboard -the kids love to dip grilled chicken in it!!! I must admit, bbq sauce is one of my favourite sauces alongside pepper sauce and mustard sauce! I often cook chicken breasts in a bbq sauce and serve with rice or new potatoes and corn on the cob!

  3. will be having these bbq beans on toast for lunch tommorrow,thanks for this and the other ideas x

  4. the chicken looks great, cant go wrong with heinz!

  5. Might be nice spread on the base of a home-made pizza.

  6. These sound lovely, I will definitely be looking out for these!

  7. Mmm the sticky one sounds good... I really want some sticky ribs now :D Also that last photo of the chicken is making me really hungry lol!

  8. Really like the sound of the sticky one, and also will give the bbq beans ago- quite a healthy meal really!