Friday, 16 March 2012

Green and Blacks Easter Egg collection.

Nom nom nom!! Green and Blacks Easter Eggs a quick photo when they arrived and then stashed away for later perusal.

We adore this rich smooth chocolate, I recently tried the Green and Blacks Tasting Collection and had the chance to nibble on all of the range.  I was advised in the tasting guide that I may get chocolate fatigue if trying too many flavours at once, ha I am made of stronger stuff.

Butterscotch Egg 180g


The Butterscotch Egg is the one I have my eye on, it may be smaller than the Dark Collection Egg but I adore the creamy chocolate and crunch toffee flavour. Its in my top ten of bars to buy, in fact top five.

Mint Easter Egg 180g

The Mint chocolate Easter Egg is infused with peppermint oil to give a really intense mint taste. Mint and dark chocolate were made for each other.
Luxury Dark Easter Egg

The Dark Collection Egg is a serious Easter Egg. The egg is 70% cocoa and once you have nibbled your way through that,
two 100g chocolate bars await; dark chocolate with ginger and a burnt toffee dark chocolate bar.  This is one for Chris who adores dark chocolate.
The range and variety of Easter eggs and chocolate is really good this year, something for every chocaholic.

For small appetites

Blue Explorer's Milk Chocolate Egg

To a family sharing chocolate feast

Ultimate Easter Egg Hamper

The Ultimate Green & Black's Easter Egg hamper perfect for indulging all your family and friends at Easter. Open the Ultimate wicker hamper to reveal a collection of indulgent chocolate eggs from Green & Black's. An indulgent collection of dark and milk Easter eggs with G&B's NEW Explorer's and Easter Tasting Collection. Unwrap and indulge this Easter. A tasting journey around the world to discover the intense and refined flavours of Green & Black's organic and Fairtrade chocolate.

Happy Easter and don't forget to visit Green and Blacks
for your Easter gifts


  1. Jo, you are making me salivate about chocolate at 10:00 a.m! all sound delicious

  2. Chocolate FATIGUE??! That is for chocolate amateurs!
    Wow, if anyone ever got me the Ultimate hamper I think I would explode with happiness!

  3. Me too Laura and sorry esther, made me hungry after posting.

  4. I'd like the Mint one. I like the Explorer's ones for children.

  5. OOOOh choices choices... Can I have them all please !

  6. Butterscotch or mint, I can't decide which I prefer. But, I still think I'll ask for the cheaper option of the bars. Still, a lovely present.