Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gordon Ramsay Health Infusion Grill Review

I have trialled a few  Gordon Ramsay's kitchen gadgets and so far been suitably impressed, what strikes me most is the size and sturdiness of them, rather like the man himself.

I find that having the time and labour saving slow cooker, jug blender, tagine, have actually made me swear less, I don't think this applies to Gordon just yet!

The latest trial is the Gordon Ramsay Health Infusion Grill, it again is a lovely big grill, I like the cooking space, it is enough for six people.

Gordon says: “I’ve a passion for grilling foods, so my Health Infusion Grill combines a unique set of features to guarantee food that is flavoursome, healthy and quick to prepare!”

It was a great chance to try steak and the great feature is the floating hinge so when I cooked large pork chops it was no problem. it has a variable control so I could sear the meat first then I was able to turn down the heat.

The drip tray is large enough for the oil, I did find I emptied it half way through each time, more for my own worries of hot fat and interested puppy as it probably would have coped.

When it comes to the infusion part of the grill, this makes the grill a bit more special, its a channel running across the centre of the bottom plate hard to spot on the photo. This is where you can experiment with flavours for your meat or veggies, suggestions in the book are garlic cloves and your favourite herbs in olive oil. Or just herb leaves which dry out and then infuse into the meat or vegetables.

I gave it a go with coriander and grilled peppers, maybe not an obvious choice, but as my favourite herb, I loved it.

A nice dish is  sweet chilli and coconut chicken marinated for afew hours and despite usually baking a sticky chicken in the oven, a grill is healthier. It cleaned up well after, just needed extra soapy water.

Another nice meal was soy sauce added to the infusion channel for pork chops, I just placed the meat over the channel and cooked.
It definitely added the soy sauce flavour to the food. I want to try coconut milk in the channel with maybe a Thai spice coated chicken.

There is a handy scraper supplied for use during cooking and I used it to scrape the plates. I would like the plates to be removable to wash but I found they were easy to clean with my non stick scourer.

I love this grill, it seems to remove much more fat than if I cooked steak in a frying pan, I am not alone in giving it a high rating.

There are some great features to ensure great results every time, including: double curved grilling plates to allow fat to quickly drain away and collect in the drip tray – their shape also makes it easier to cook food like ribs.  The Health Infusion Grill also boasts a special quality non-stick Teflon coating to the grilling plates for better cooking, which are removable for easy cleaning.

Perfect for grilling an array of delicious family meals or dinner for friends, the new Gordon Ramsay Health Infusion Grill makes a great addition to any family kitchen and offers good value at £99.99.


  1. Looks very innovative, and the food looks delicious!

  2. I'd love one of these health grills but I have too much stuff on my worktops and in my cupboards already!!

  3. The only thing I don't like about grill machines are the unremovable plates which makes cleaning a real pain, generally.
    Sounds like a good sized grill though.

  4. I really need a larger kitchen especially for storage Laura, but I like to make room for the health gadgets, like this and an Actifry.
    I wash it up as soon as I can, because its non stick, its far better than previous grills I have used.

  5. Loved this review, have been wanting to purchase a health grill for a while, and definately one with a floating hinge! so handy..

  6. I love the fact you can adjust the heat on it and its non stick

  7. we have a george foreman so maybe quite similar. I am the same - have lots of kitchen appliances with no room to put them. The sweet chili and coconut chicken sounds amazing!

  8. We bought one of these and love it! We even take it caravaning with us! I grilled some tuna steaks on it just last week, when the weather was lovely! I cooked them in a garlic marinade and served them with salad and new potatoes! I much prefer it to my old George Foreman - so easy to clean too!

  9. Looks like a great gadget, as long as it's nice and simple and not too hard to operate I'm happy!

  10. It looks like a very handy, and easy to use/clean kitchen gadget, but not sure if after one use it would end up being pushed to the back of a cupboard like other gadgets I've bought.