Monday, 19 March 2012

Getting messy with Cillit Bang Part 1 Carrot Fritters - Recipes from Holly Bell - Mess from Me

Cillit Bang invited me to get messy in my kitchen with  recipes Great British Bake Off Runner-Up Holly Bell and the new Cillit Bang All in One Dish and Surface dispenser. 

**Cillit Bang will also be giving five dispensers away after to readers.**

Currently on special offer on the Cillit Bang UK Facebook page for £6.99 its a clever device, just the right amount is dispensed to your sponge or washing up bowl and it cleans up very well.

I will be sharing three recipes on different days this week and talking about my mess and how All in One copes with me, no mean feat! I am a dab hand at mess in the kitchen.

All in One has been specially formulated for use on dishes and surfaces. Its intelligent cleaning agents react to different surfaces, giving you a versatile solution to tackle stains and food residues all over the kitchen.

The result? Sparkling dishes and gleaming surfaces from one product.
Gentle enough on your hands for everyday washing up and wiping down, but powerful enough to cut through grease and baked on stains. Even pure oil is no match for All in One Dish & Surface cleaner.
So for my first recipe I tried the tasty sounding Carrot Fritters, a combination of flour grated food and a greasy frying pan seemed a good first challenge.

I got messy straight away the flour was all over the place, a quick wipe up with the All in One did the trick, it takes a bit of remembering to use for that pupose, I am used to a dish cleaning liquid being just for that purpose.

On with the recipe,  I added 1 tsp cumin to the recipe, carrots and cumin are a lovely pairing and I knew it would be good.

The fritters in the pan I did what the instructions said and left well alone for 2 minutes then turned.

They look pretty good for a first attempt, I was impressed that they were cooked right through as carrot tends to take a while, the batter was a surpise too as it really did not seem enough to make a coating but the centre of the fritters was a light almost eggy bread type taste.

The frying pan was a cinch to clean afterwards, the soap makes a great lather, what you can see was left after the less greasy items were washed.

Next recipe I will be messing up with will be biscuits, a nice sticky mixture to get into.

Carrot Fritters

A dirty frying pan can be left greasy even after washing. Cillit Bang All in 1 disperses grease effortlessly when pumped straight on in the sink.

3 carrots, topped and tailed and grated
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
2 tbsp plain flour
1 tsp cumin (optional, my own addition)
Oil for frying, anything except for olive


Put everything except the oil and carrots into a food processor and whizz for around 2 minutes until smooth and combined

Pour the mixture onto the grated carrots and mix with a metal spoon

It will look like there isn’t enough wet mixture to combine the carrot but fear not, you just want to coat each carrot strand a little, not produce a gloopy mess

Put a good slosh of oil in a frying pan, heat for a minute or so on a medium heat on the hob and then drop spoonfuls of the carrot mixture into the oil. I managed about 4 in my frying pan as you don’t want them touching

Leave to fry on one side for about 2 mins and then turn over with a spatula. Don’t mess about with them before 90 seconds is up or the skin you’re trying to form on the fritters will break and stick to the pan.
Once cooked on both sides drain on kitchen roll, then serve. They’re pretty hot so be careful with little mouths
Holly Bell has teamed up with Cillit Bang to provide her messiest recipes and top cleaning tips.

For more information and to try it yourself visit Facebook/CillitBangUK


  1. Never heard of carrot fritters before!!
    Ah I loved Holly, I was so impressed when she made that profiterole tower with the little house for the kids underneath it!

  2. They are tasty this from somebody who is not keen on boiled carrots too.

  3. Wonder if they'd go with tomato ketchup or did you eat them as made.

  4. Definitely would go with tomato ketchup. Any favourie sauce would work, I'm sure.

  5. Wow, these carrot fritters look very interesting