Friday, 9 March 2012

Flowercard personalised Mother's Day Bouquet Inside a Card

What a fabulous idea!! Fresh flowers inside a card. This was my first thought when I was asked to review Flowercard. Before I looked I was not sure how it worked but looking on the website I see how gorgeous the displays are, much better than a bunch of flowers and separate card, it just seems much more special and thoughtful. Your own words and name are displayed on the card too .
There is a great range of different flower varieties.

Some of my favourites are My Brilliant Mum which is a lovely bouquet of cheerful yellows including freesia which have such a glorious scent.

I love the look of the Mothers Day Celebrations the deep pinks mixed with white and pale pinks.

When they arrived I was more impressed the flowers arrived with my postie and were in a gorgeous box.

They are beautiful, very fresh. Included is a pipette so you can water the oasis and if you do the flowers should last a week.

I am thrilled with these and I think Mums would love these.
Happy Mothers day

Stunning fresh flowers delivered to your Mums door with a gorgeous personalised Mother’s Day Card. Just what your mum deserves, and just what we deliver in one stunning parcel. A real bouquet of flowers set in a card bearing your own words. A gift that’s got her name on it!


  1. I would so love to receive one of these. Sadly I no longer have a mother to send to but I may point these out to my children hint hint

  2. so beautiful and something different

  3. That's such a cool idea, will try and remember it next Mother's Day!

  4. These look lovely, never seen them before
    Felicity kelly