Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dylon Fabric Dye for machine use review

When I was taught needlecraft at school, I loved it. Then at the tender age of six years old, I got a sharp slap on the leg for "being a chatterbox!"

I swear this gave me an aversion to sewing and clothes making, my teeth set on edge if I hear the needle go through material.
I bought an entire set of Make It Easy dressmaking magazines complete with patterns, every week for 26 weeks as I was determined i would be able to get over this aversion and create some great design pieces. Alas I gave it away unused after a couple of years.

My chatterbox days never left, maybe a good thing as this blog has a lot of my chat and I don't get slapped.

When it comes to transforming clothes I dye them, its a great way to update your clothes without buying new items. I reviewed Dylon before and transformed a jacket that needed to be in the bin, into a new wardrobe piece.

Dylon kindly gave me some more Fabric Dye for machine use to have another go.

 I have a Republic jacket which is still lovely and in fashion apart from the colour being a bit faded, it was in the bag for the charity shop and I thought I would give it a go.
A skinny long sleeved top the same, this was green but faded to a dull grey green wanted to bring them up to date.

Its so simple to use, please do follow the instructions, I know you probably do, but for those rebels out there who like me don't read all the stages and load the machine minus gloves, you end up with yucky nails and stained fingers for a while. Trust me I've been there and worn dyed the T shirt.

After a wash at 40 degrees C then a wash with my usual detergent, I was able to see the colour change.

My camera knowledge has let me down a little because the green is much more vivid than seen here its exactly as the colour on the pack. Think racing green. Its made a new jacket and looks fab with my navy blue skinnies. To buy a similar jacket in this colour would have cost me £35 at Republic, I am so happy.
The charity shop will have it back at the end of my wear.

The top has had a new lease of life also, its fresh and a lovely shade of deep green. Thank you Dylon, you saved me a fortune.
There is a huge range of colours to choose from, have a go, its really good fun!


  1. Thank you for this review. I will now be alot more confident to give these products a go myself.

  2. thats great and thank you its very easy, I want to do towels next!

  3. Wow! The results look great! And it sounds simple enough for even me to try :)

  4. You would think the results would be patchy but your photos demonstrate that its not. Loads of my clothes could be revitalised by doing this!

  5. sounds easy to use, never really thought about using products like these till now!

  6. What a great thing to do. I have never dyed clothes before but some really do need it. Thanks for the review.