Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dare to Aspire Review

Aspire drinks asked me if I would like to try their calorie burning soft drink.

 I was dubious, I steer away from energy drinks because of the high levels of caffeine but Aspire has no more than the average cup of coffee and made me feel no different after drinking other than feeling a bit more upbeat and perky.

I have had a Red Bull in a wilder moment, needing to keep awake one day and a friend suggested it. I felt spaced and really yuck, plus I could not switch off for way longer than I needed. 

Aspire is being launched for its calorie burning benefits.
 So if you are a fan of diet drinks then this may be great as not only does it help you stay on track when losing weight it helps burn those calories too. 

The cranberry taste is lovely refreshing and no strange saccharine aftertaste that's often in drinks for dieters. It also contains ginger and green tea and as you might expect its light and easy to drink.

Apparently and apple one is being launched soon too, I expect this drink will be popular with dieters who want a more natural soft drink.

Dare to Aspire….
A great tasting soft drink that burns calories? Sometimes too good, can be true…

  • The first proven calorie burning soft drink to be sold in Europe.
  • Currently stocked in Holland and  Barrett, Selfridges and Waitrose, and with an imminent launch of a new Apple flavour, Aspire is taking the soft drink market by storm.

Aspire is the first proven calorie burning soft drink to be sold in Europe. Containing specially selected natural ingredients, such as Green Tea, L-carnitine and Ginger, Aspire fuels a thermogenic effect which stimulates the body’s metabolism, boosting calorie burn.

This revolutionary soft drink is a good source of vitamins and minerals, has a great tasting cranberry flavour and is proven to burn an average of 209 calories per can. It is the perfect choice for burning those extra calories whilst maintaining a busy and active lifestyle.

Best served chilled as a refreshing drink, Aspire is lightly carbonated and helps burn calories at any time of the day, but works best when consumed before or during exercise in order to maximise the calorie burning effect. Enjoy a can up to four times a day – in the morning to kick start your metabolism, to accompany a healthy lunch, whilst on the go or at the gym, as no matter which way you enjoy Aspire you will always be burning calories.

Scientists at Leeds Metropolitan University tested the drink’s weight-loss potential and trials found the natural calorie burning formula to demonstrate real results. Dr John O’Hara said, “Trials showed that the participants who drank one can burnt an average of 209 calories in the 180 minutes after finishing the drink. We attribute this energy expenditure to its thermogenic effects. With only 75mg of caffeine, the same as a standard cup of coffee, Aspire is proven not to increase the heart rate or adversely affect one’s health.”

Aspire is currently stocked in Holland & Barrett, Selfridges, GNC and throughout various stores in Ireland and can also be ordered from the Aspire website directly at In addition, it is now sold in selected Waitrose stores nationwide (RRP
from £1.69 per can).


  1. Very interesting! I must stock up on some. Must try it at a weekend or whenever I tend to blow the diet!

  2. Sounds like a product I should try.