Friday, 9 March 2012

Chablis Blogger Challenge

I along with other bloggers have been set a challenge to  try our own food pairing with Chablis wine.

While there are blogs out there written by wine experts and sommeliers which are informative and professional, bloggers who don’t necessarily have any experience in wine or food and wine pairing can also enjoy this task and come up with  some ideas which could work for anyone.

The challenge is not set by any brand at all and firstly I wanted to get an idea of how to serve the Chablis as I do know wines need various conditionsand temperatures satistying, to enjoy it at their best.

My idea of serving is usually straight from the fridge, open pour and consume and I think I've been going a bit wrong! OK a lot wrong.

I learned a lot from  how  to open the cap under the oening of the bottle neck,  cleaning the neck, the correct temperature how to pour.  

I had to let the wine breathe for 30 minutes before pouring and even the right type of glass, which is a tulip shape! Luckily I had one or two.

I wanted to serve with a meal first, so this Sunday morning I made a herb and mushroom stuffing, spread over a tenderloin pork fillet, wrapped in bacon and roasted on a low heat. I wanted to use what seemed the more expensive bottle, the words Premium gave me the indicator I needed.

I served with roasted cumin parsley and carrots and Dauphinoise potato. Recipes for all coming soon.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Chablis Premium Cru with the meal, it seemed perfectly crisp and dry and to my palate complemented the food wonderfully. Not sure if its the right meal for the wine for an expert, it worked for me.

Now for a lunch, just me, a bottle of Chablis, I decided to try and get tastes that were I hoped complimentary so opted to hop around Europe. To France for a Normandy Brie, some pate from Brussels, a Vintage Cheddar, Danish butter and a crusty floured bloomer made locally to me.

Whilst I had this lunch it occurred to me that I always allow the right temperature for cheese to be at its best. From now on I will be doing the same with wine.

The bread and butter on its own is a must, I loved the dry crisp taste of this Chablis, it seemed lighter and I actually preferred this to the Premium Cru. Brie worked perfectly, the creaminess complementing the sharpness. The cheddar I have to say brought a different taste it made the Chablis seem milder. lastly the one I thought may upset the taste was the pate, I imagined before trying the strength of garlic and deep flavour of pate would drown the wine.

I was wrong, the pate made the wine take on a sweeter taste, I loved how they worked together, as the Chablis also made the pate take on a sweeter note.  

The only thing I hadn't paired was a fellow lunch mate, which I aimed to achieve for the this weekend.

Sorry to any experts if this is not correct, but this was finished with a slice of homemade Nigella Lawson's chocolate cake recipe. I believe it should be a dessert wine, but I'm not keen on sweet wines.
The Chablis worked well and I enjoyed every sip and mouthful.

If you know what works with Chablis well, let me know, whether you are an expert or like me a bumbler though the world of wine.
Am I allowed to say it worked just as well all by itself, no food accompanied my final glass. Its very drinkable and I think it tastes a little of apples and actually nothing else I've tasted before.

 Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. You have me drooling! I would give my left arm for a lazy afternoon with a glass of Chablis and a cheeseboard. I think you paired the wine well, if not a typical choice. Well done :)

  2. Oh thank you I appreciate the praise.

  3. I have done this challenge, too was great fun. Your menu looks lovely.

  4. love Dauphinoise potato and parsnips!

  5. this looks lush,think will try these recipes tommorrow for sunday lunch

  6. I do agree that Chablis is a wine that would go with most foods.

  7. Love wine, cheese, pate and bread. So simple but its one of my favorite meals. I'm impressed with your amateur review, perhaps you are a secret wine buff!