Friday, 2 March 2012

The Blue Nun Sparkling Gold ... For Life’s Golden Moments

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which calls for plenty of sparkle and a glass or two of fizz for your special mum!

For all those special celebrations and family get togethers, Blue Nun has released a new sparkling Gold Edition white wine, complete with distinctive fine flecks of delicate 22 carat gold leaf!

This is really quite amazing, Blue Nun sent me a bottle to try and it actually has gold flecks floating in the bottle. I am most intrigued.

Blue Nun, who remembers the blue bottle with the picture of  Nun on the label. It was my very first wine and I loved it, I felt very grown up and sophisticated with my glass.

It has certainly come a long way since then and this bottle is as distinctive.

Its sparkling, gives a lovely fizz on the tongue. I found it to be very light, easy to drink and delicately fruity. I admit to trying to taste the gold flecks too, but I could not detect a taste and now I have had a glass or too, I may have added some monetary value to my personage!

I loved  the fun of the wine! Great for a girly night in.

Designed with all the glitz and glamour of special occasions in mind, the iconic brand, owned by Langguth Wines in Germany, has used their passion, heritage and expertise to create a delicate, subtle quality sparkling white wine with a lovely light fruitiness (alc 11.00%).  

Blue Nun has crafted the Gold Edition with a full, rounded flavor, this light and elegant style wine has the exciting addition of gold flecks to highlight the natural effervescence of sparkling white wine.

The Gold Edition is ideal as an aperitif or to accompany light bites and hors d’oevres so it’s well suited for special occasions, celebrations or just for fun!

Blue Nun Sparkling Gold Edition is priced at £9.59 per 75cl bottle and is available to buy on-line from .


  1. mmm, I love fizz and I like a bit of blue nun- hate champers!

  2. this looks fab - great for a girls night!

  3. Not a bad price if it has gold in it!
    Thanks for the review, I'd not heard of this before.

  4. I remember the Nun & thinking I was being so chic & sophisticated drinking wine! Think it was in a tumbler glass, as my parents never really drank, but they had got this bottle for my brothers 18th, I must have been about 14 when this happened.
    But Blue Nun, genuinely, is a lovely wine thats great for lots of occasions, not just your brothers 18th. I've enjoyed many a glass since.

  5. Am I the only person who didn't realise this existed?! I always thought of Blue Nun as a sweet, pop like wine - until you stand up and it hits you!