Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bazooka Candy brings you Mega Mouth. A new games site!

Bazooka Candy Brands have launched an exciting new digital project to tie in with their Mega Mouth Candy Spray product line.

They have built a fun and engaging website for kids aged 12+ and includes their parents too.

I had a look around the site and already can see its going to be a good place to while away the hours.

There are Flash games such as BMX Blast, Transformers, parents can play sudoku, when you play the Mega Mouth games you also earn credits.

The credit allows you to win exciting prizes. This month people can win a RipStik skateboard, Rawk helmet, Vans backpack, DC trainers and loads more amazing goodies. Winners are picked randomly from the top 10 in the leaderboard.

Plus there are downloadable activities to play offline. Wordsearches, Sudoku, masks to make, a reward chart for Mums and Dads to fill in  to gain more credits.

(please note that prizes are only available to Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales) !


  1. I think I'd stick to the Sudoku game. Also interested in the spray in the mouth sweets?

  2. It's an interesting idea, I'd have thought they'd have aimed at children younger than 12 given its link with the sweets though!

  3. I think it is for younger children as well I could see an eight year old loving the games and benefitting from the parent interaction, perhaps even more at that age.

  4. i agree looks for a younger age group