Tuesday, 27 March 2012

April New Covent Garden Soup Of The Month - Vintage Cheddar and Piccalilli

Can you bottle Britishness? This was the poser New Covent Garden set for the theme to this month’s Soup of the Month competition, quirky they  figured that somewhere out there was a recipe that said ‘here’s Britain, in all her glory. But in in soup form’.

Rose Garrish came up with the answer in her Vintage Cheddar and Piccalilli Soup, we got to try some before its release this April.

Now I have been repeating myself lots in these New Covent Garden features, but I happen to live just around the corner from the New Covent Garden company, I can smell the soups as  they are being made, early morning I can get quite hungry. Wonder if that's why I eat lots of soup?
Because of this closeness, I got the opportunity to trial April's soup before it goes onto the shelves as the lovely Sheryl brought it round to my door. Thanks NCG.

We waited until Saturday lunch to try it, it looked pretty good and we spent a bit of time in the garden to work up an appetite, despite  the sunny weather we still really fancied a bowl.

 Chris described it " If you close your eyes you are eating a cheese and piccalilli sandwich, but in a hot soup form. He is so right. The vegetables are just crunchy as in a great piccalilli too. The cauliflower is just cooked, each mouthful brings a selection of fresh vegetables. The cheese is good mature and a perfect accompaniment.

I think this does indeed capture whats good about Britain and its food.

Rose said 
"There's nothing nicer than popping into a warm cosy pub to enjoy a light bite. Cheese and a colourful pickle compliment each other so well. A lovely idea for a tasty British soup don't you think?"

If you can't wait until April to try Rosie's soup, then see the recipe below  and try it for yourself at home. While you are trying it maybe you have a fantastic recipe of your own to share.  New Covent Garden are giving members of the public  the opportunity to see their recipes on the supermarket shelves this year.

Vintage Cheddar and Piccalilli


  1. Hmm interesting flavours for a soup! I imagine we will have to try it as other half is obsessed with soup!

  2. Like the sound of this soup.

  3. Live the sandwiches so will be looking out for the soup.

  4. Sounds interesting! Like the packaging too :) Nice to try a different soup.

  5. Great review! How lucky are you living close to a soup factory! I love the smell of soup cooking - my mum used to make broth, peas soup, mushroom soup etc - huge pans - and they always tasted better the next day when they had gone thick!
    The packaging of this new soup looks fab but I must admit I don't have a clue what piccalilli tastes like!!! Can you describe it please x

  6. Piccalilli is a spicy tangy crunchy pickle flavour that tastes far better than it looks.

  7. Ok might have to try it - I like things like onions and leeks and like pickled onion crisps - so hopefully I will like it! I can only try lol! Might try and get some of the soup today as I am off to Sainsbury's this morning! Thank you x

  8. I think you will like it then, you just have to wait a little longer, out on the 1st April. x

  9. Well got my soup yesterday and tried it at tea time with a 'hunk' of Sainsbury's Taste the Difference bread and delicious! I really liked it and the colour wand texture was very inviting (I had expected it to be more 'yellow'!)

    Wile I was shopping, I also bought their Carrot and Coriander and their Pea and Hams Soup - they seem to have good use by dates and are always handy to keep in the fridge for lazy emergencies lol! Thanks for introducing me to a new taste!

  10. yay I am relieved you liked it, its hard to describe taste to people isn't it?
    Glad you got more, their cream of chicken is so light and gorgeous, keep your eye out for the coming months soups.

  11. sounds really nice, not sure if it would be good for my diet though!