Monday, 20 February 2012

Warburtons Squarish Wraps Review and pizza

I do tend to find sandwiches a bit dull, especially in winter when the salad choices are all imported and just don't taste the same as a good home grown tomato or local lettuce, as I grow these in summer it just becomes a little tasteless eating imported varieties.
Also in winter its a bit too cold and I fancy something warming.

It has to be fast as I'm normally on a dash into the kitchen and often end up with a sarnie anyway, unless I've had a soup making day.

I do eat wraps I love them I do tend to eat them as part of a main meal, but Warburtons have enticed me to make a hot lunch with one.

Firstly let me say the shape does it for me, its square well squarish, maybe even argued as a rectangle, I am open to debate.

I like this shape it folds neatly like a sandwich if that's what you want and the size is satisfying, one wrap is enough for a lunch.

Well it is if you use one as a base for a pizza. 8 syns if you are on Slimming World and then toppings can be used that are free.

From start to finish the pizza took 8 minutes, I have a fan oven so no preheating is required.  The base was a very thin layer of tomato puree.

Milano salami slices

Ham and finally mozzarella.

A slice

and rolled like calzone which was rather nice!

I could not believe how fast and more to the point how really tasty it was the base stay quite soft and it certainly beat a cheese sandwich!

Here are some lovely ideas from Warburtons

Sausages and beans on Warburtons White Toastie loaf (Children’s brunch)

Childrens Version
Serves 1

Tip: for more children double the portion sizes
1 slice Warburtons White Toastie loaf
1 sausage (g)
100g baked beans
3 cherry tomatoes (approximate 20g)

Adults version

    Grill the sausage until cooked through and golden brown and slice into 2cm pieces
       Heat baked beans in a pan and simmer gentle for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally
     Place cherry tomatoes under the grill along side the sausages for approx
3 mins or until slightly soft
       Toast 1 slice Warburtons White Toastie loaf, cut into triangles and position onto a plate
       Pour the beans on top of the triangles
       Layer on sausage slices
        And garnish with cherry tomatoes

Chicken and peppers or Cheese, tomato and Rocket Pizza

Serves 2

       2 Warburtons Square-ish Wraps
      Tomato puree
      Cooked torn chicken
  Chargrilled Aubergines, Red and Yellow peppers
     Cherry Tomatoes
  Mozzarella Cheese
      Mixed Herbs
   Rocket Leaves


     Spread a thin layer of tomato puree on both Wraps
      Top one with chicken and vegetables and the other with cheese, tomato and herbs.
    Cook in a hot oven (200oC/400oF/Gas Mark 6)
        Garnish with Rocket leaves.


Warburtons Milk Roll with Crunchy Cheese Filling
Serves 1
       4 slices Warburtons Milk Roll
    100g low-fat soft cream cheese
        1small celery stick (approximately 60g), finely chopped
        50g Grated Red Leicester cheese

        Place the cream cheese and celery into a bowl and mix
        Spread onto a slice of Warburtons Milk Roll
        Sprinkle with grated Red Leicester
        Top with the remaining slice of bread


  1. What a great idea - that pizza looks yummy!! xx

  2. Mmm that pizza looks good, and it's something I could actually make lol! My other half would be well impressed if I said we were having calzones for dinner hehe :)